UK: London Police Searching for Rape Ape Who Molested, Attacked Three Women

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
April 27, 2019

Have any of you Londoners seen this colored chap?

He looks like every other black in London, acts like every other black in London, and is wanted for a crime like every other black in London.


A manhunt is underway after a series of sex assaults took place on women in a small area of London.

Three women have been left traumatised following the assaults in Haringey which became violent.

The first attack happened just before 8pm on April 3 when a woman, 25, was kicked by a man who she did not know.

He tried to talk to her but she was wearing headphones to did not hear what he said. He started swearing at her and gesticulating towards her before running off towards Tottenham Green Pools and Fitness.

The second victim, 27, was sexually assaulted by a man who approached her from behind at 10.15am the following day.

He then punched her in the face and ran off towards Tottenham High Road.

Five minutes later another woman, 20, noticed a man running behind her close to the fitness centre.

At first she thought he was running for cover because it was raining but then he approached her from behind and sexually assaulted her and started swearing.

She did not say anything but he punched her around five times in the upper body and face.

The victim dropped her umbrella and ran away. A passing motorist pulled over and started chasing the suspect, filming him on his mobile phone.

Police said the victim was ‘very traumatised’ and suffered swelling and pain to her eye.

In all offences the suspect is described as a black male of slim to medium build.

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