UK: Man in His 60s Arrested for Saying Moslem Schoolgirls Should be Sterilized

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
January 30, 2019

Watch the above video. That isn’t the Middle East. That is Britain now.


A man who allegedly followed a group of Muslim girls and hurled racist abuse at them has been arrested.

The man, who is believed to be in his 60s, was taken into custody after footage emerged of a group of girls walking along a street in East London.

A voice can be heard calling them ‘c**ts’ and telling them they should be injected in order to ‘burn their ovaries out’ so they ‘can’t multiply’.

But is he wrong tho?

Moslem women are absolutely disgusting.

No wonder their men escape their countries and come to ours looking for women.

The least we can do for them is to sterilize Moslem girls living in our countries and force them to cover themselves to prevent Moslem men from running away at the sight of them.

If Moslem men run away from our countries too while trying to escape the disgusting Moslem women, who is going to pay for our pensions, huh? Who is going to save our economy?

Stock photo of economic aid

Sure, telling people they should be sterilized is pretty rude, but is that something you should be arrested for? He was just venting a bit after witnessing his country turn into a Caliphate.

The girls were filmed outside Central Foundation Girls School, in Bow, east London, on Friday afternoon.

He repeatedly refers to the schoolgirls as ‘c**ts’ and mutters ‘this was England’ while walking past one smaller group.

The man continues to follow the children saying they ‘are going to breed like f***ing rats’ before mentioning Nazi Josef Mengele, who during the Holocaust hand-selected prison camp victims for medical experiments.

That was indeed England. Was.

It isn’t immediately clear if the man from this story is the same man caught on camera a couple of weeks ago venting a bit in a McDonald’s or if he was inspired by that brave man.

The few remaining men in Britain are starting to vent.

What comes after venting?

Are they finally going to say “enough” and kick the cockroaches out?

Remember the British Empire?

May they march again.