UK: Men Wrongly Jailed For Rape and Murder For a Total of 24 Years Receive No Compensation or Apology

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
January 31, 2019

We live in a time where women not only can ruin your life by making something up about you on Twitter and using the right hashtags, but the system itself is purposefully calibrated to hurt you even if your innocence is proven.

Pay attention to your heart rate while you read the following.


Two men who served a total of 24 years behind bars before their convictions were overturned have lost their fight for compensation.

Sam Hallam, who spent seven years in prison for the murder of a trainee chef, and Victor Nealon, who served 17 years for attempted rape, were both freed after the court of appeal ruled they should not have been convicted.

But neither man has ever received any apology for the wrongful convictions and today took their legal battle for compensation to the Supreme Court, following defeats at the High Court and the Court of Appeal.

By a majority of five to two, seven Supreme Court justices today dismissed their appeals.

In a statement after the ruling, Mr Hallam said: ‘I was released from the Court of Appeal in 2012 having spent seven-and-half years in prison for a crime of which I am completely innocent.

‘In 2019 I am still having to fight to prove my innocence.

‘This is a very disappointing decision.

‘My lawyers will look at an appeal or what I can do next. This terrible law needs to be changed.’

Mr Hallam, from Hoxton, east London, was released in 2012 after his life sentence was quashed.

He had been convicted at 17 of participating in a gang fight that left one man dead.

His original trial heard conflicting testimonies in which witnesses retracted their identification evidence and his mobile phone was never examined to support his claim that he had never been at the scene of the attack.

Sam Hallam

Mr Nealon, who is in his 50s and originally from Dublin, was given a life sentence but released in 2014.

The formal postal worker had originally been found guilty in 1997 of the attempted rape of a woman leaving a nightclub in Redditch, Worcestershire.

His conviction was overturned by the court of appeal after fresh DNA evidence indicated someone else had been the attacker.

Nealon could have left prison after seven years but was repeatedly refused parole because he refused to accept guilt and continued to protest his innocence.

Victor Nealon

Are you angry? What does your heartbeat tell you?

The lives of those two men were destroyed for absolutely no reason. No apology. No compensation. Nothing. They been drained of their precious time and discarded, forgotten. Treated as disposable objects.

That is the way men are treated. Like disposable objects. Like just another gear in the machinery. Like they never really mattered.

You should be enraged. You should be mad. You should be crazy mad. Everything around us has been corrupted by the kikes. Nothing makes sense anymore.

Victor Nealon was given a life sentence and spent 17 years behind bars because he was found guilty of attempted rape. Not even rape. Just the attempt.

Absolutely preposterous.

The idea that rape is the worst crime ever is ridiculous. The Jews turned our women into whores, gave them the power to kill their babies, gave them the power to prevent pregnancy, but somehow rape is still as terrible as it was hundreds of years ago? Why? Unless she was a virgin, there is no real damage to the property, she was also most likely on the pill or whatever, and could easily abort.

Rape nowadays is no worse than stealing her wallet. It’s like having sex with a hooker and running away without paying.

You hurt her feelings, yeah, you made her cry. But women cry even when watching movies.

Their tears are no indicator of anything.

But it’s not even about the way society views rape today. The system is set up in such a way that there’s no downside for women that falsely accuse men, no downside for a judicial system that convicts innocent men, no downside for ruining the real lives of real men. We’re not talking about what ifs, we’re not talking about the theoretical consequences of the MeToo thing, we’re not sperging about what could happen after giving these whores so much power. No.

We’re witnessing all of it.

The putrid stench of Jewish influence floods our entire system.

Maybe it’s time to fumigate.