UK: Midwives Not Revealing Babies’ Gender for Fear Mothers Would Abort Them

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
February 4, 2019

Whores are treating their unborn babies as if they were objects, aborting depending on the gender to try again another time until they get the gender they want as if they were just choosing smartphone color or opening loot boxes or something.


Pregnant women are not being told the gender of their unborn babies amid fears they could abort them if they’re not the gender they wanted, it has been claimed.

Some midwives have even said they fear legal action if they get the sex of a baby wrong.

According to a Freedom of Information request, four out of 14 NHS boards in Scotland – Grampian, Forth Valley, Orkney and Shetland – don’t reveal an unborn baby’s gender before birth as a result.

Frustrated parents-to-be in some areas are now paying for private scans to discover whether they are having a boy or a girl.

One midwife, who asked not to be named, told the Sunday Post: ‘There were threats of legal action if we got it wrong.

‘And some women no longer nurtured the pregnancy if they were told it was a girl.’

NHS Grampian said they stopped scanning for gender after staff received ‘verbal abuse’ when they could not tell whether it was a boy or a girl.

There are posters in hospital waiting rooms ‘advising of non-gender testing’, according to a spokesperson for the health board.

Knowing the gender of the baby before birth is a very modern thing. For most of our history, you had to wait and see before knowing if you had a boy or a girl. Now technology combined with the Jewish social engineering suffered by the West for so long has allowed whores to discard their babies until they get them of the sex they want.

How insane is thing going to get before we turn things around?

The option of abortion as birth control being even available is itself insane, but having the decision rest on women’s hands while it’s men who are legally forced to pay for that kid as it grows up is another league of insane.

This thing where couples think they need to know the gender of the baby they’re having before the baby is born is also insane. They don’t need to know. We don’t need to know. You don’t need to know. The word “need” has a very specific meaning which does not apply here, especially considering the possibility of knowing a baby’s gender before birth is a very modern occurrence.

No one needs to buy gender-specific stuff for the baby before the baby is born and doing so goes against the modern gender ideas being pushed so much, which makes one wonder why the gender fluid camp is not campaigning against the disclosure of gender before birth. According to their reasoning, gender is something babies are “assigned to” at birth, so this policy of not revealing genitals should come naturally to them.

But it’s not really about gender fluidity. It’s not really about not enforcing “gender roles” on babies and people. It’s always about destroying white people’s things. Our land, our family structure, our offspring, everything. Jews get off on this. They don’t need us strong and healthy to do their parasitic essence harvesting thing. On the contrary. They want us feeble minded and addicted to their system. Media, movies, TV series, smartphones, social media, and more. Every form of  mainstream “entertainment” produced with a Jew involved somewhere in the production process is programming you with the how-to guides for being a good goy.

They’ve programmed our women to think the lives they carry inside are theirs to take. They’ve given them incredible power through the legal system and now women, who are always the least able, have absolute power over the family unit. Whores can decide to tear their families apart, to kill babies, and to destroy the lives of men, and they can do all of that with the utmost ease and for the most meaningless reasons.

The solution is to take back what we’ve given to women. Everything. Starting with the vote, abortion, and divorce laws, we won’t stop until they’re all caged.