UK: Mosque Windows Smashed! Saxon Awakening or Moslem False Flag?

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
March 22, 2019

These days, no one ever knows if “hate crimes” are real or Jussie Smollett type hoaxes. Minorities are trying to get sympathy by claiming people hate them, while actually, people do hate them.

This one is a bit suspicious, you have to admit.


Mosques have been targeted in overnight attacks in Birmingham, police have confirmed. Counter-terrorism officers are investigating the incidents, but no motive has been attributed.

An initial attack was reported at a mosque on Birchfield Road 2.32am local time and, as officers were responding, additional reports were received of a man smashing windows at another mosque on Slade Road at approximately 3.14am local time.

Police were dispatched to patrol the streets citywide in an effort to prevent further destruction, and patrolling officers discovered damage at other places of worship in the Witton Road, Aston Broadway areas of the city.

First off, I’ve never heard of a Christian sledgehammer attack before.

If this really happened, then it’s a first.

The location of the crime is also suspicious: Birmingham.

There are no White people left in Birmingham, to my knowledge. None with any fight left in them, at least.

This attack will almost certainly work towards the benefit of Moslems. 

For the low, low cost of replacing a few broken windows, it will justify the arrests of another dozen Boomers who wrote naughty things on Facebook. And it will mean more cops being sent to sensitivity training and more money spent on neighborhood outreach (bribing tribal chieftains and imams to prevent them from letting their youths riot in the streets) and more White people bashing in the media.

Worse isn’t better in this instance. 

Every single time a prank happens IRL we need to soberly assess whether it helps the situation or hurts it. Whether it was a false flag or not. Blanket statements like, “the worse, the better” do not help us get to the bottom of anything and should be avoided.

I tell you what though, if they fail to find a culprit for this crime, you’ll know that the Moslems did it themselves.

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