UK: Mudshark Accused of Racism for Calling Her Mulatto Child a “Cheeky Monkey”

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
May 1, 2018

I don’t get the big deal here. When I was a child, family members often called me a “cheeky monkey” too.

Then again I’m not a nigger, so the remark wasn’t intended as a zoological classification.

The Independent:

A mother has expressed her outrage at a stranger who accused her of being “racist” towards her own son after she called him a “cheeky monkey.”

The mum, who is white, was playing with her mixed-race son at the park when she called him a cheeky monkey affectionately.

According to her post on Mumsnet, which she shared under the username Jumpiin, a black woman at the park immediately confronted her over the nickname and called her “ignorant” for using the term to refer to her son.

Jumpiin wrote that the other mum also accused her of treating her son as an “accessory,” despite not knowing that Jumpiin is learning about her partner’s Swahili culture and learning the language with her son.

“As for seeing him as an accessory, that’s just ridiculous, he is the most precious and important thing in my life,” she wrote.


However, others attempted to explain the other woman’s reasoning and acknowledge how the term could be viewed as offensive.

One woman wrote: “It sounds like she was very unreasonable to you and I can understand why you’re upset. I think there are probably good reasons behind her being so sensitive to the term ‘monkey’ when it has previously been used in such a derogatory way about people of colour. But that said, you OBVIOUSLY weren’t using it in that way and she had no right to say you see your baby as an accessory.”

How I imagine a mulatto child acts in a park filled with white people.

The optimist in me wants to believe that this mother knows, deep down, that her mongrel child is an abomination against Nature, and that she calls him a “monkey” for that reason.

But then I think: “Don’t be stupid, you’re talking about a mudshark here.”

It’s quite funny, though, that the woman who brought up the negro-monkey connection – and who happened to be nearby, waiting to pounce upon a perceived racial slight – was black.

These people know what they are, and how others see them.

It’s just a self-evident fact that blacks and mulattoes have an uncanny resemblance to monkeys and apes. They share a similar cranial structure, ridged brow, knuckle-dragging posture, obsession with asses, etc. Even their native African languages sound like the languages these animals would speak if they had the required vocal abilities.





That said…

I think it’s unfair that monkeys and apes get compared to blacks on a regular basis. I’ve never heard of a monkey or orangutan killing and raping a white grandmother, claiming welfare, throwing chairs at IHOP staff or ruining America after becoming president. Twice.

In fact, when they get brought into Western society, they act rather civil:

Notice the grace with which this chimp rides his bicycle, types an RSVP and provides for his family in middle class suburbia. Have you ever seen a nigger do any of those things?

So, if anything, it is the monkeys who should be offended with that mudshark’s “cheeky monkey” remark.

Thank God none were around to hear such a thing.