UK: Negro Fatally Stabs White Father Multiple Times on London-Bound Train

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
January 6, 2019

Lee Pomeroy.

Naturally, the Jewspapers suppressed the racial element of this crime. In fact, most of them didn’t bring up the police description of the killer at all.

But you have to ask: what’s the point?

Do they still expect us to believe anyone other than a Moslem, a negro or a Moslem negro is going to repeatedly stab someone to death over an “altercation” on a train?

Daily Mail:

The family of a man who was stabbed to death on a train in a ‘pointless attack’ have paid tribute to an ‘honourable man’ – on what would have been his 52nd birthday.

Lee Pomeroy, 51, was stabbed multiple times following an altercation on-board a Guildford to London Waterloo train at around 1pm yesterday.

The married father of one, was on his way into London with his 14-year-old son for a day out when the deadly incident happened.

The man arrested for the murder of Lee Pomeroy is aged 35, detectives said tonight.

The suspect was arrested at 6am at flat in Farnham while a woman, 27, was arrested on suspicion of assisting an offender.

Both are still being questioned by police while a post mortem is set for early next week.

The suspect, who police think was not known to the victim, is described as a black man in his twenties to thirties, is approximately 6ft tall, with a slim build and beard, dressed all in black with white trainers.