UK: Negro Minister Whines About the Lack of Colored Students at Oxford and Cambridge

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
June 11, 2018

The United Kingdom contains some of the oldest and most venerable universities in the world.

As usual, however, the country is all too eager to throw its rich heritage down the drain by appointing a negro – a member of a race that never invented a written language – as its Universities & Science Minister.

And, like all darkies that assume positions of power in white countries, that negro is already campaigning to replace white people with colored savages!

The Independent:

Oxford and Cambridge’s failure to take in more students who are black or from less privileged backgrounds is “staggering”, the universities minister has said.

Sam Gyimah criticised the elite institutions for not doing enough and warned that they could be fined by the new higher education regulator if they do not meet admissions targets.

Mr Gyimah, an Oxford graduate himself, said the universities should not just focus on academic results during their admissions process to ensure they achieve more diverse intakes.

“It is staggering that we have the best minds in our universities and we still do not know what the best way is when it comes to applications,” he told The Daily Telegraph, adding: “The numbers that we are seeing now disappoint me, and it’s disappointing because it’s been going on for too long.”

Here are a handful of things that are “staggering,” Mr. Gyimah:

The Grand Canyon.

Niagara Falls.

Playing Doom for the first time in 1993.

The fact that Oxbridge is not filled with the descendants of cannibals is anything but “staggering.”

Just sayin’.

His comments come after the two prestigious universities released admissions data showing that some Oxbridge colleges had admitted no British black students in recent years.

The latest statistics from Oxford show just 11 per cent of UK undergraduates came from disadvantaged areas, while the proportion of students identifying as black and minority ethnic (BME) was 18 per cent.

The University of Cambridge has said it needs support from schools and parents to boost diversity after a Freedom of Information request from the Financial Times revealed that six of the 29 colleges admitted fewer than 10 British black or mixed white and black students between 2012 and 2016.

Last month, the University of Oxford said it needed to do more to improve diversity after figures revealed more than a third of its colleges admitted three or fewer black applicants over three years.

Oxford and Cambridge have been pozzed for a long, long time. Their faculties are staffed from head to toe with left wing Boomers, women and soyboys who would love nothing more than a student body that contains all the colors of the Third World.

That this goal hasn’t been achieved yet, even though the entire anti-white system is geared toward the advancement of coloreds, demonstrates just how stupid those coloreds are when compared to whites.

Interviewers at Oxford allegedly ask some applicants to tell them “about a banana.” I’ve got a feeling they don’t ask the same of black applicants.

But, of course, Oxbridge’s administrators can’t just come out and say, “We’d love to have a university filled with blacks, we really would, but they’re just not bright enough to survive the application process,” so they’re forced to keep quiet as this shaved baboon in a suit threatens them with fines.

It’s a bizarre state of affairs.