UK: Northumbria Police to be Educated on the Needs of “Sexual Minorities”

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
April 4, 2018

It hasn’t been a good year for Cuck Island.

Vibrant migrants continue to pour into the country, YouTubers are being prosecuted because their dogs believe that Hitler did nothing wrong, Moslem rape gangs are spreading nationwide like a necrotic mass and Prince Harry still intends to marry Cheddar Woman in May.

While nothing is being done about the borders, the YouTubers or Cheddar Woman, at least the British police are finally doing something about the Moslem rapists.

Concerned about the spread of these gangs in northern England, Northumbria’s Police Commissioner has hired a team of experts to educate officers on how to infiltrate and expose them. The team will also offer “one-to-one guidance” to victims of these gangs and help them pick up the pieces of their lives.

W-what? Why are you giving me that look?

It’s real in my mind. ;_;


Northumbria’s Police Commissioner has hired a team of 19 ‘hate crime advocates’ to educate officers on LGBT issues and the “needs” of sexual minorities.

Assembled by the LGBT Federation North East — a regional umbrella group of campaigners and individuals in the region who “aim to change attitudes and behaviours towards LGBT people”, according to its website — the team will also offer “one-to-one guidance” to victims of so-called hate crime as well as training police, according to the Newcastle Chronicle.

Regional Commissioner Dame Vera Baird said: “I’m delighted to fund this initiative that will see these champions bring LGBT issues to the forefront of the legal system and ensure our police are trained to the highest standard in understanding the needs of this community.

“Many victims of LGBT hate crime find it difficult to report what has happened to them, and that’s why it’s so important to have these specially trained advocates to build confidence in those who have suffered abuse.”

Despite the UK seeing large increases in serious crime, forces across the country have focused on driving up the number of so-called hate crime reports since the government launched an ‘action plan’ which defines success as maximising the number of ‘hate’ complaints.

Das rite. Forget about the white children who are being brutally sodomized by tens of thousands of grinning Pakis right now. The Northumbrian police believe that protecting the feelings of degenerate perverts – who are 1.5% of the population max – is their top priority.

As do the rest of the British police, for that matter.

This sickening trend makes sense once you learn how feminized the British police have become. Faggots of both sexes receive preferential treatment when applying for jobs in the force, using weapons on violent criminals is practically forbidden and – worst of all – entry standards have been decimated so that women can become police officers.

Or Commissioners, in the case of the Northumbria police.

It’s ironic, really. Even as late as 1967, the British police would arrest faggots for faggotry. Today, the police will arrest you for speaking out against it.

Perhaps those neo-Nazi dogs are right to believe that Hitler did nothing wrong.