UK: Notorious Superhaji to Receive Early Release from Prison

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
September 14, 2018

Ayyyy, Anjem Choudary!

Talk about a blast from the past.

The Telegraph:

Anjem Choudary, the notorious Islamist hate preacher, will be released from jail next month despite a chilling warning from the justice minister that he remained “genuinely dangerous”.

Choudary, 51, is due to be freed within weeks after serving half of a five-and-a-half-year prison sentence for encouraging Muslims to join Islamic State.

The Government admitted on Tuesday it was powerless to prevent Choudary from being released on licence. Rory Stewart, the prisons minister, said that the preacher was “a deeply pernicious, destabilising influence”.

Mr Stewart, in an interview, added: “He is… somebody who is a genuinely dangerous person. We will be watching him very carefully.”

Choudary was leader of the proscribed terrorist group al-Muhajiroun, whose followers included Khuram Butt, part of the London Bridge terror cell who murdered eight innocent bystanders in June last year.

Lord Carlile, former Independent Reviewer of Terrorism Legislation, said Choudary “knows how to play the system”, adding: “It is disturbing and worrying that he will be back on the streets.”

Choudary will likely be tagged and placed in a ‘halfway house’ with restrictions imposed on his use of the internet and on the people he can mix with. Security services are also expected to keep him under surveillance.

His case highlights the huge problems faced by the Government in dealing with Islamist extremists jailed for shorter sentences for lesser offences who are now due out.

I’m not even mad that Choudary is being released early because, frankly, this guy has always inadvertently helped our cause.

He’s literally a cartoonish, beard-stroking supervillain. During his Golden Period, this wacky Paki was everywhere in the UK. His posse of Moslems would parade through the streets of major cities, holding up placards and banners with slogans like “Islam Will Take Over the World” and “British Soldiers Burn in Hell.”

Moreover, he would give ridiculously revealing interviews in the media, where he counter-signaled the state’s carefully-cultivated “Islam is a religion of peace” narrative and confirmed that Moslems were conquering Europe.

Where’s the lie tho?

His public antics were so ridiculous and OTT, in fact, that I’m positive that they single-handedly woke up tens of thousands of white fencesitters.

Besides, it’s not like remaining in prison would impede his agenda. As the Tommy Robinson situation proved, most major British prisons are fully under Islamic control at this point, so I doubt anything prevented Choudary from sneaking orders out of the complex. At least now his words and actions will become public again, forcing a new generation of Britons to acknowledge the Trojan horses in their midst.