UK: Police Force Doesn’t Want Any More White Males

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
January 20, 2019

The UK government doesn’t trust White men enforcing its laws anymore.

They’re making a big push to diversify and THOTify the police force.


Citing a need for greater diversity within its ranks, the British Transport Police will host a recruitment workshop reserved for women and minorities. The PC cops defended the move after receiving mountains of scorn on Twitter.

In a tweet advertising the event, the police force wrote: “Female or from a black or minority ethnic background? Interested in becoming a police officer? Come to our next recruitment workshop at 6pm on 23 January in Camden.

Well anyone can just take a look at that ad and fill in the blanks here.

The message here is: “Whites need not apply.”

But, officially, they’re still not willing to admit it.

Yeah well, okay.

At least when da people rise up in da streets it’ll be cut and dry, black and white. Brown cops with guns vs White hipsters with slingshots and Molotovs.

And while I admit that the scenario is a bit far-fetched at first glance… bear with me and imagine the scene: Antifa types squaring off against the oppressive police force only to find out that they’re brown underneath those masks and then retreating aghast and never raising a fist against the government again.

I mention Antifa because law-abiding conservative types won’t be doing much anti-police activity. They respect symbols of authority like yellow vests and 6-pointed stars (police badges) and batons too much to utter much of a peep.

So really, the whole plan to diversify the police force is a plan to take out any leftist resistance not right-wing resistance.

Because White cops have literally no problem attacking right-wingers and raiding their apartments and monitoring their tweets.

So if you squint at this story hard enough, you’ll get what I mean lol. Replacing White people on the police force is really just a dastardly plan to shut down violent leftists (to whom brown people are kryptonite) and by doing so consolidate the neoliberal center.


Now there’sreal conspiracy for ya.