UK: Police Threaten Arrests for Using the Word ‘White’

Nationalist Sentinel
April 22, 2014

Police threatened activists with arrests if they did not cover the word ‘White’ up on their banner.

Kent Activities Organiser, Mark Freeman, has written to the Chief Constable of Kent County Council demanding an explanation following a recent incident : –

Some time ago NF activists in Margate were threatened with arrest  for using the word ‘White’ on a banner while distributing leaflets in the town centre.

The banner read: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children”

Harmless enough, you might think. However, a passing Police inspector took offence at the use of the word  ‘White’ and ordered activists to cover up said word on threat of arrest. The inspector did not say why, or to whom it might be considered ‘offensive.’

“We would like to know which piece of legislation has been infringed,” says Mark. ” Generally, under English Law, one is free to say whatever one wants, unless that is specifically proscribed. However, if it is illegal to use the word White, then logically it must  also be illegal to use the words Black or Asian, etc, but there are thousands of ethnic organisations that do just that. The Law must be applied equally to all ethnic groups, and cannot be used selectively against some racial groups, but not others.”

Mark also pointed out that the Police are ‘guilty’ of the same ‘offence’;  It has the Black Police Association, and uses ethnic profiling too!

National Front Kent Activities Organiser, Mark Freeman has written to the Police clearly showing the double standards being applied here.

Mark also submitted the following list of ethnic organisations describing themselves as ‘Black’ or ‘Asian’ and has asked the Chief Constable whether substituting the word ‘White’ would make them illegal:

The Black Police Association

Society of Black Lawyers

Society of Asian Lawyers

Federation of Black Housing Organizations

Black People’s Mental Health Association

The Black Londoners Forum

Operation Black Vote

UK Black Teachers Association

Black Students Association

Black Student Union

Black Training and Enterprise Group

Asian People’s Disability Alliance

Black and Asian Therapists online

Black Lawyers

Black and Asian

National BME Mental Health Network



Asian Voice

Black Enterprise Awards


Asian Day Centre,Nottingham

UK Black Pride

Black and Minority Ethnic Elders Group

The Black Fundraisers Network

Black Arts Alliance

Southall Black Sisters,

Asian, Asian Modelling Service

Asian Arts Agency

Black Professionals

UK Asian business directory

Black Health Agency,Manchester

Black Families Education Support Group

Asian Mens Group

and the list keeps getting bigger……………

The National Front says the REAL job of the Police is to fight crime and catch criminals: It’s not to interfere with law abiding citizens going about their lawful business! Political correctness has ruined policing and undermined public confidence in law enforcement.  This is  the same Police force that  arrested, handcuffed and charged an 85 year old woman  for  ‘abusing’ Moslems leaving a mosque shortly after the Lee Rigby murder, but which  routinely fails to arrest, handcuff or charge Roma migrants for committing far worse offences. Pity Mr Plod can’t show the same zeal for going after real criminals – murderers, terrorists, paedophiles and the like – than hounding ordinary members of the public for non-existent thought or speech ‘crimes’.

National Front – Speaking up for White people since 1967.

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