UK Police Unveils Plan to Terrorize White Tots in Kindergartens!

Andrew Anglin and Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
October 22, 2019

The British cops have put out a video portraying a white toddler “being racist” towards another, more vibrant toddler as part of their “hate crime awareness week” cop program.

Devon & Cornwall police posted the cartoon on their official Twitter account, showing a blonde-haired, blue-eyed Aryan master race toddler girl racially insulting a subhuman toddler.

It would be awesome if it was promoting that pussy white kids rise up against these niggers that are oppressing them, but instead, it is promoting an opposite world reality where it is the coloreds that are being abused by whites.

This is, of course, 100% antithetical to reality.

In real life, brownies are always at the throats of the whites, dominating them.

In the PSA, the evil white girl notices the nigger boy playing with a toy, so she walks right up to the black bastard and says, “Stop playing with those, you’re going to make the toys dirty like your skin.”

Instead of beating and raping the girl, as would happen in real life, the nigger boy starts crying.

“My father says we should not play with people like him because they are different,” says the girl.

Your father should have told you not to play with him because he’ll rape your vagina, but he wouldn’t say that, because British men are cowards and cuckolds.

And guess what – this isn’t the only video – it’s part of a series!


I think we all know where this is headed: tots are going to be put behind bars for racism. 

You laugh now, but there is nothing that I would put past the UK police at this point. They must be mocked, and they must never be taken seriously in polite society ever again. The police in the UK are now and forevermore a total joke.

The sympathy well for the cops in the West has well and truly run dry.

There is literally ZERO support for this neo-Stasi campaign of terror that the UK police is unleashing on the people. Every time the police departments post their propaganda on Twitter, they are bombarded with righteous indignation and verbal abuse. Take this as a White Pill if you want: people are NOT happy with the PC Police.

Let’s check these replies.

We all know where this is heading: straight-up re-education camps for rambunctious White kids.

AKA “dick-cutting school.”

It’s like those olde timey liberal art projects about how school turns your kinds into slaves to “the machine,” except it’s way more gruesome than anyone ever could have imagined and actually involves chopping off the penises of little kids.

Their best bet at this point is probably to join Islam.

I mean, right?

That’s at least not gay.