UK: Police Want to Raid No-Go Zones; Sadiq Khan Not So Keen

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
December 1, 2018

Sometimes it helps to take a step back and really let the absurdity of the situation sink in.

If there weren’t millions of Moslems packed into London, they wouldn’t have a mayor named Sadiq, there wouldn’t be an explosion of gang activity and knife crime and we wouldn’t have to even talk about whether we’re “yay” or “nay” on the whole police raiding no-go zones proposal because that would be far, far from our minds.


London Mayor Sadiq Khan has come under pressure to stop the London Metropolitan police’s “crazy” plans to send armed patrols into communities, as critics warn such a move will only increase the risk of violent crime.

The proposals have been drawn up by the Met police in an effort to restore public confidence and safety, after a spike in violent crime in the UK’s capital, but the idea has faced stinging criticism, the Guardian reports.

The paper reports that an email has been sent out by Scotland Yard to a select number of community leaders, outlining their plans in response to the knife crime epidemic. 

London police want to go on “gun raids” which translates to armed patrols or just patrols because that’s what the police have been doing in America for decades now.

But it’s a big deal for formerly homogeneous London to finally swallow its pride and arm their police with the necessary body armor, shotguns and rifles that they need to deal with vibrant diversity.

The UK police always used to pride themselves on not arming their officers.

Again, that’s fine and dandy when the worst that you’ve got to deal with is a domestic squabble that’s gotten heated, or two drunks having it out in the street or something like that. But now they’re having to come to terms with the fact that their backward and boorish American cousins might have been right in their approach all along.

It’s really easy to be smug and talk about how peaceful you are when your country isn’t overrun by niggers.

The Met email says: “There has been recent internal discussion around using additional armed support to patrol on foot amongst local communities, with their weapons visible and accessible.

The vast majority of British police officers are unarmed, with only 10 percent volunteering to carry a gun. Armed officers patrol in vehicles, and are only on foot in areas that are potential terrorist targets.

Stafford Scott of the Monitoring Group, a leading anti-racism charity which campaigns against what it sees as police injustice, claims the move will be seen by many in the communities patrolled as a ramping up of aggression against them by the state.

“The more oppressive the policing and state response is, the more the violence will increase. These kids have been bullied by the police and its partners for most of their lives,” Scott said. 

Well, there you have it. Damned if they do, damned if they don’t.

What even is the point of keeping order in these communities? The police are eventually going to have to surrender these areas of the city and allow the locals to police themselves.

They’ll be forced to do this because anti-racist groups will howl and cry everytime the police go a’raiding. And Sadiq sure as hell won’t support the police because his voters prefer Sharia law to UK law. After a few police officers get killed by the locals, the police will just throw up their hands and give up anyway.

And what are these raids supposed to even accomplish? Mass knife confiscation? Do they really think this will work or is this simply the London police’s last desperate attempt to remain relevant?