UK: Schools Implement Ambitious New Program to Create New School Shooters

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
April 22, 2018

Do you want a school shooter? Because this is how you get a school shooter.


A number of Schools in Britain have started ditched positions like head boy and head girl in a bid to fight gender stereotypes because the surging numbers of young people claiming to be transgender “make the roles difficult to sustain”.

Is this a troll? Students telling their teachers they are trannies to fuck with them/take the piss out of the school system?

I hope so.

“This is another way to try and ensure stereotypes disappear,” Coffey said of the change, describing it as “important” because “People will still draw a nurse as a woman when asked.”

Stating she wants the move to teach children that positions are being assigned “not because of [their] gender but because [they] are the best person for the position”, she compared it to the rebranding of job titles like policeman and fireman with gender-neutral versions.

“I am not a headmistress, I am a head teacher,” she said. “It is important because of job credibility.”

Ah, so it’s a top-down effort. These cat ladies are trying to confuse and sissify British boys.

This part is funny:

Commenting on the Guernsey school’s decision to scrap the titles of head boy and head girl, education writer Laura McInerney said scrapping gendered roles “makes sense”, asserting that it is “simply unfair that one must fit into a neat binary box to attain your school’s top accolades”.

“But, before we start burning our head girl badges, beware the downside,” she writes in The Guardian, warning: “If schools allow pupils to vote for [school] captains, and gender balance is not baked into the system, there is a strong possibility boys will dominate.” 

YOU’RE FUCKED IF YOU DO, FUCKED IF YOU DON’T. It’s so transparent. They’re just spit-balling here and trying to find the system that has the worst possible outcomes for boys and then they’ll justify it retroactively as being a victory for women, equality, migrants, whatever the fuck.

The idea of ditching gendered terms in schools is one that has been backed by Natasha Devon, the government’s former mental health tsar who says the history curriculum must teach that Britain has always been multiracial and multicultural so as to “ combat the myth that immigration is a threat”.

I still don’t really understand what trannies have to do with multiculturalism, but that’s because I’m trying to analyze it logically and look for consistency in the Leftist narrative. The only thing that’s consistent about them is their hate for White men. They fear us ever going Super Aryan.

Teaching them to be trannies and cucks and to roll over for migrants goes hand in hand. That’s what this is all about. That’s what all of it is about now – preventing the White uprising that they’re so afraid of from coming to pass.