UK: Somali Refugee Appointed as Lord Mayor of Sheffield

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
May 19, 2018

Just what are these things, exactly?

According to the World Health Organization, 1 in 3 Somalis are insane.

Though the WHO blames war for this statistic, I’m inclined to believe it’s because Somalis are some of the most inbred people on Earth.

Like, wow, these people are inbred. Most humans, upon seeing Somalis for the first time, don’t even know how to classify them. They have the black skin of a negro, but also bulbous heads and gaunt facial features.

Seriously, it’s baffling. Imagine playing Charades at Christmas and having to act out “Somali” to your team. How would it even be done?

I’d probably just pull this expression and hope for the best.

Pictionary would be bretty tough too, though Kirk’s already got the head shape right.

Anyway, in an obvious attempt to make Sweden jealous, the northern English town of Sheffield has just appointed one of these inbred subhumans as its new Lord Mayor.

Oh, goodie.

BBC News:

A former refugee who has taken over as Sheffield’s Lord Mayor says he hopes to bring the role “into the 21st Century”.

Got to get that line in there, haven’t we BBC?

BAM! First sentence.

Magid Magid, is the city’s first Somali mayor, first Green Party mayor, and, at 28, the youngest mayor.

>first name is the same as the second name

Do Somalis do this so that they don’t have to remember two names?

Is that one of the limitations of having an average IQ of 68?

He came to Sheffield aged five after six months in an Ethiopian refugee camp with his mother and five siblings who left Somalia “to find a better life”.

Reminder: whenever a non-white says they left their country “to find a better life,” they mean they left their country to feed off a higher race.

And that higher race is always white people.

“Just me being in the post brings an element of difference to the role,” he said.

He added: “I hope it will help engage those that have not previously engaged before.”

But his story is not a case of a privileged upbringing helping to open doors but of determination, ambition – and a love of climbing mountains.

His resume is literally “climbing mountains.” No prior government experience, no previous positions within the Council, just mountain climbing.

Like a goat.

This is literally Tyrone Sheeeitman-tier, except that Tyrone’s rezoomay was arguably more relevant to government life than Magid Magid’s one.

I imagine Magid got the job the same way as Tyrone, too.

Born in Burao in war-torn northern Somalia, Mr Magid said he did not remember much of his childhood and had never returned to his country of birth.

“I remember just being happy, playing around as you do as a kid, but in reality it was a completely different story,” he said.

His family set up home in Sheffield’s Burngreave area.

He said he developed an interest in politics while at university and was elected as president of the students’ union.

He admits he was not “politically savvy” adding he “had no idea between the left and the right but I knew I cared about certain issues”.

In 2014 he delved further into politics, becoming a regular viewer of the BBC’s Daily Politics show, “I used to think, ‘who actually watched this?'” he said, “but there I was”.

Here’s the thing, though: the Lord Mayor of Sheffield is a ceremonial post, meaning that this Lesser Beast of Nurgle has no power over the city’s 80% white population.

His appointment is just pure virtue signaling from a group of people – Sheffield councilors, presumably – who are smart enough to know that giving Magid Magid a position with actual responsibilities would transform their city into Mogadishu within a fortnight.

Because everyone knows that having a Somali in charge of something will ruin it.


It will be funny if Magid does manage to fuck up the Council despite having no power within it, though. I can actually see that happening.

It would serve the rest of them right for being a bunch of nigger-loving faggots.