UK: South Yorkshire Police Double Down on Orwellian “Hate Crime” Tweets

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
September 13, 2018

Wew, lots of countries stood in defiance of political correctness this week.

Let’s see… Australia’s Herald Sun doubled down on their apelike depiction of Serena Gorilliams. Hungary’s Victor Orbán doubled down on his critical stance against the European Union. Even noted Irish racist Bono, who I assumed was getting soft in his old age, doubled down on his righteous hatred of The Swedes.

I’m liking this trend. I wonder what good news is coming out of Brit-

Oh fug :DDD


South Yorkshire Police have doubled down in response to backlash over ‘Orwellian’ tweets urging people to report “non-crime hate incidents”, stating that “offensive” online comments “re-emphasises the need” for officers to “tackle hate”.

In a series of messages posted to social media alleging that “hate hurts and no one should have to tolerate it”, the police force told members of the public to report so-called hate crimes as well as “non-crime hate incidents”, the latter of which it said “can include things like offensive or insulting comments, online, in person or in writing”.

After significant backlash from people online, some of whom questioned the force’s policing priorities at a time when recorded crime had risen 30 percent in the region while others branded it an attack on free speech, South Yorkshire Police have insisted they stand by the post and will prosecute individuals responsible for “unacceptable” online “abuse”.

Deputy Chief Constable Mark Roberts said: “Hate crime affects communities across the UK. Our recording of non-crime hate incidents is nationally accepted good practice and is the policy adopted by all forces.

“In the wake of this weekend’s incident in Barnsley, we have seen a significant increase on our social media platforms of offensive abuse against our communities.

“The comments are vile and offensive and, ironically, the bigotry expressed re-emphasises the need to tackle hate both within our local communities and much wider.”

Those statements are bad enough on their own. But here’s some additional information that makes me wonder whether the South Yorkshire Police want to become Cuck Island’s most despised traitors:

  • One of the main cities in South Yorkshire is Rotherham, the site of Britain’s most notorious Paki “grooming” scandal. The same police now cracking down on “hate crimes” (we all know what that means) are the same police that allowed – and continue to allow – gangs of inbred hajis to rape thousands of white schoolgirls annually.
  • The “incident in Barnsley” to which DC Roberts refers occurred last Saturday, when a kebabess ran through the city center shouting “KILL!” while attacking random whites with a machete. So basically, these tweets were written in direct response to Britons condemning the latest terrorist attack against their race and nation.

At this point, I don’t even know what to say. The whole thing is too cartoonish to be taken 100% seriously.

Clearly, the (((wider government plan))) is to transform the British police into a dedicated Cultural Marxist enforcement unit that no longer deals with real crimes against whites at all. This is likely to happen organically anyway, as the few remaining good policemen continue to get pushed out and replaced with full-blown servants of Zion.

At that point, what choice will the Bongs have but vigilantism?

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