UK: Street-Shitter Dies After Botched Abortion from Negro Doctor

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
May 7, 2018

When British soldiers stormed the beaches of Normandy in 1944, they knew what they were fighting for: the right for African witch doctors to perform abortions in a diverse, multiracial London.

Their sacrifice was not in vain, gents.

That’s exactly what we got.


A mother suffered severe internal bleeding and died after staff at an abortion clinic discharged her following a procedure – despite her vomiting, feeling dizzy and falling on the floor.

Aisha Chithira, 32, had flown from Ireland for the termination at the Marie Stopes clinic in Ealing.

Despite feeling sick and dizzy after the procedure, staff reportedly told the mother-of-one, that she could not stay overnight and then helped her into a taxi.

She later died of internal bleeding.

Dr Adedayo Adedeji and nurses Gemma Pullen and Margaret Miller were charged with manslaughter but the case was dropped in 2016.

Coroner Dr Sean Cummings has since criticised ‘repeated failures’ at the clinic, which recently had the UK’s first ‘buffer zone’ imposed around it.

He said that observations taken by a nurse after the termination showed Ms Chithira’s pulse and blood pressure were normal, meaning her symptoms were ‘difficult to diagnose’ and ‘the severity was missed’.

He added that Ms Chithira’s death was the result of ‘the manifestation of a recognised complication of the procedure resulting in sometimes subtle and atypical symptoms and signs which were not appreciated as potentially sinister at the time.’

‘There were repeated failures of recording of observations by different clinicians involved in her care.’

I couldn’t care less about the dead pooess and the child that never got a chance to shit on England’s streets, but… a black abortionist.


That’s Clive Barker horror material right there.

Actually, it’s worse. If I were forced to spend 24 hours in an elevator with either Pinhead, a white cenobite that kills adults with chains…

… or Adedayo Adedeji, a black doctor that kills fetuses with hand-held suction devices…

… the choice is obvious. Pinhead is a lot less terrifying, for one, and I bet he has a lot of interesting dirt to reveal about his estranged sister, Theresa May.

Srsly tho, this sort of medical incompetence is becoming more commonplace in Britain – and other white countries – as the Jew World Order gathers speed.

More colored people enter the country, often with forged licenses, take the jobs that Britons don’t want to do (doctors, surgeons, etc.) and end up transforming hospitals into death factories.

Or, in the case of abortion clinics, bigger death factories.

Yeah, a lot of their victims will be other non-whites, but the demographic trend is what matters here. Soon, even doctors in small white villages will be the descendants of Congolese cannibals because that’s what the kikes who control the nation desire.

But at least we’re not all speaking German right now, r-right?