UK: Sub-Saharan Englishman Spared Jail for Public Knife Attack

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
December 3, 2018

Joshua Gardner.

If the Jewdicial System let Joshua go free because he had a “troubled upbringing,” it might as well give impunity to every other black criminal in London too.

Wait, maybe that’s the plan…



A man filmed attacking a car with a large ‘zombie knife’ on a London street has been spared jail, sparking outrage and leading to the case being referred to the Attorney General.

Terrifying footage filmed on May 30th of Joshua Gardner, then 17, smashing up a car using the sword-like weapon in broad daylight on a busy street in Croydon, south London, spread on social media and shocked the nation.

He was only caught after an “eagle-eyed police officer” recognised him due to a previous conviction for attempted robbery after the footage circulated in the media, police said in a statement.

Gardner, now 18, was convicted of three charges but let off with a two-year suspended sentence at the Old Bailey on Tuesday.

The non-custodial sentence came after a judge heard claims he was carrying the knife following a ten-day kidnap ordeal in which he was held at gunpoint.

The judge also said that part of the reason he was not given a prison sentence was that of his difficult upbringing, including a period of his youth when one of his brothers was jailed.