UK: Terror Threat Reaches All-Time High as Caliphate Grows Stronger

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
June 17, 2018

Remember the big twist at the end of M. Night Streetshitter’s The Sixth Sense, where it is revealed that Bruce Willis’ character, Dr. Malcolm Crowe, was John McClane all along?

Most of us know at least one person who says, “yeah, I totally predicted it,” even though he clearly didn’t and is just trying to look smart.

Well, that’s how I feel about people who claim to have predicted that Britain would become an epicenter of Moslem terrorism: they’re just trying to look smart.

Because no one, anywhere, could have seen this coming.


The number of terror-related arrests in Britain has reached a record high, the Home Office has announced, in a bulletin which highlighted a “steady rise” in “the proportion of prisoners holding far-right ideologies” over recent years.

Following the Islamist attacks in London and Manchester, UK terror arrests numbered 441 in the year to April 2018, surging 17 percent from the previous 12 month period, in which 378 individuals were held.

Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu, head of Counter Terrorism Policing in Britain, said officers have seen a “genuine step-change in momentum” since Britain saw nearly 40 people murdered in a series of terror attacks last year.

Counter-terror activity has increased to an “unprecedented level”, with officers having foiled an average of one terror attack a month, according to the commissioner, who said in a statement: Police, together with the security services, are determined to make the UK as hostile an environment for terrorists as possible.”

Did Neil Basu say that while laughing or something?

The British police are single-pointedly dedicated to stretching the collective anus of British people as wide as possible to accommodate the maximum number of Islamic cocks. These people are steeped so high in treason, in fact, that it wouldn’t surprise me if that was their official job description.

100% gommitted to brotecting against derrorism :DDD

Since March 2017, authorities have prevented 12 terrorist plots and an additional four “extreme right-wing attacks”, the Home Office said, stressing that “there have been steady increases in recent years in the number of terrorist prisoners across all the types of ideologies covered.

“The proportion of prisoners holding far-right ideologies has increased steadily over the past three years,” added the bulletin. Of the 228 people currently imprisoned for terrorism-related crimes, 82 percent are Islamist, 13 percent “far right”, and six percent committed offences driven by commitment to “other” ideologies including the Republican movement in Northern Ireland.

I suspect these numbers have passed through the Ministry of Truth a few times.

Actual right wing (i.e., white nationalist) terrorism basically doesn’t exist in the UK. The closest we’ve seen to it in recent years is when BASED Welshman, Darren “Paki Plower” Osborne, rammed into a bunch of hajis in London in June 2017. But even that was a “get the fuck out of my country you filthy invaders” act of self-defense rather than a calculated attempt to instill fear in the populace.

This is the face of a man who hates what his country has become.

Moreover, other acts of conquest that any sane society would regard as terrorism, such as the organized Paki rapes of tens of thousands of white schoolgirls, are not included in the statistics, while minor expressions of British nationalism, such as throwing bacon at an imam, presumably are included. (How else did they bloat that right wing percentage to 13%?)

Clearly, these are dishonest statistics tailored to deliver the following impression:

Scotland Yard highlighted the so-called diversity of suspects, emphasising that the new figures showed “a broad spectrum of people being arrested in connection with terrorism investigations in terms of age, gender and ethnicity.”

While British passport-holders made up 68 percent of suspects, Algerian, Pakistani, Iraqi, Afghan, Iranian, Somali, Turkish, Indian, and Irish were the most prominent nationalities amongst aliens arrested.

Yes goyim, anyone can be a terrorist.


There’s no consistent racial or religious trend here; the universe simply likes to possess random people – some of whom just happen to be colorful – and make them bomb things for teh lolz.

It’s a sad state of affairs, really, when even a 90-year-old Scottish pensioner could decide to drive a truck into a group of civilians while shouting, “Allahu Akbar, yer feckin’ cunts!”