UK: “They May Be Terrorists, But They’re Our Terrorists”

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
July 24, 2018

There are some more Jihadis coming to the UK in the near future.


The UK is to offer asylum to members of western-backed White Helmets group, that operates in Jihadists-held areas in Syria. The move has prompted dire warnings about who exactly Britain might be admitting.

Some 98 White Helmets members were rescued by the Israel Defense Forces on Saturday night, as part of an evacuation mission that saw a total of 422 people collected from Syria and transferred across Northern Israel and into Jordan at three points, the Guardian reports.

The paper claims that the UK is prepared to offer asylum to up to 500 White Helmets members or relatives of the group, officially known as the Syria Civil Defence. The proposed resettlement of members of the group has divided opinion.

I’ll say.

Look, the White Helmets were just terrorist intelligence agency actors staging fake atrocities to blame on Assad.

Everyone knows it, but no one says it.

Except this Craig Murray guy:

Former UK ambassador to Uzbekistan-turned blogger Craig Murray has not been so glowing about the prospect of White Helmets members being granted resettlement in Britain.

He told his social media followers: “They may be jihadists but they are our jihadists.” Fascinating that the ‘White Helmets’ are being brought straight to the UK with families when the Afghan and Iraqi military interpreters were not. The British government does not do this from humanity or obligation.” 

Yeah, because all those Afghanis were moved to my neck of the woods in the US.

Seriously, America has been letting in Afghans since the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. I understand what this guy is saying and the strategy he’s pursuing…but careful what you ask for mate, careful what you ask for.

This imperial policy of mucking around in some Third World country and then fucking the country back into the stone age and then inviting the people whose country you’ve fucked up to live in some housing developments in your country is a bad idea. Really. Just a terrible idea.

understand why, in theory, you would not want to leave your allies hanging…but the US has basically lost every single war it has engaged in and as a result has had to take these people who would be hanged as traitors if they were left behind back to the US.

The US/UK/France should seriously consider not losing all these colonial/third world wars.

Unless, of course, bleeding these countries dry and then flooding them with migrants was part of the plan. Because, frankly, this seems to be a solid theory at this point. I mean, it’s just a never-ending pattern. Meddle/support shitty terrorists/rebels/banana dictator somewhere, have them lose and then take the refugees like a tool.

Naturally, the UK is going to put these White Helmets in a White neighborhood, let them rape some girls and arrests any locals who protest and then when another Middle East war is brewing, they’ll send them over to cause trouble.

Solid plan.