UK: Top Copper in Occupied Isles Fired For Using Word “Wh*te” Incorrectly

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
September 15, 2018

It really is official now. The UK has overtaken Sweden in the cuck arms race. Seriously.


A senior London Metropolitan police officer could face being sacked for using alleged racist language after telling colleagues they need to be “whiter than white” while carrying out inquiries – words of a racist or PC gone mad?

The detective superintendent, who works in the Met’s anti-corruption, faces the possibility of an internal investigation for gross misconduct for a phrase the Plain English Campaign characterizes as meaning “morally beyond reproach.”

According to the Evening Standard, the Met received a complaint after the briefing led by the senior Scotland Yard officer in question, who have since passed it to the police watchdog for investigation.

While the Independent Office for Police Conduct investigates the complaint, the officer will be on restricted duties – an inquiry that could take up to 12 months to complete. The highly respected officer denies any wrongdoing and is said to be cooperating fully with the investigation.

The inquiry into the senior police officer’s conduct has prompted accusations on social media that describe the rebuke as “Orwellian” and such a trivial complaint undermines the pursuit of equal rights. Others have insisted the phrase ‘whiter than white’ is merely a “figure of speech.”

On a side note, have you noticed the symbiotic relationship that I have worked so hard to foster with RT?

It all started with me inviting their head Margarita out for cocktails (back when she was hotter) and us hitting it off.

Shit was cash.

Anyways. Now they post articles about the cuckening of the UK just so that I can repost them, with added racist commentary. It’s a match made in heaven.

So, basically, the list of things that I can be arrested for in the UK grows longer and longer. And the reasons for my visiting grow shorter and shorter. I don’t want to accidentally use the “W-word” and get arrested.

Sources close to the Evening Standard, said the internal investigation illustrates the extent to which the police misconduct process has got out of hand – adding that an informal procedure to deal with such complaints needed to be implemented.

“There was no bad intent in this comment, it may have been a poor use of language but this is not what the misconduct process is for. This is not corruption, this is not serious wrongdoing. There should be informal ways of dealing with this, particularly at a time when we are so short of experienced officers.” one said.

The complaint against the use of the phrase “whiter than white” is among other claims leveled against officers in the anti-corruption unit in an IOPC inquiry codenamed Operation Embley. Allegations include racism, hindering investigations and ignoring wrongdoing. 

Translation: not arresting enough White people.

These coppers need to step it up!

How much longer until the phrase, “White Britons” lands you a jail sentence? Place your bets now!

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  1. The British Isles should have been seen as a holy land for its indigenous inhabitants and its diaspora population in Canada, the USA, etc. Instead we gave away our heritage in exchange for nothing. It is a nightmare.

  2. That’s a tough one, because it implies that there are Britons which AREN’T white, which isn’t the case. If anything it’s an anti-racist statement, putting our claims to the land on a par with all the other shades in our rainbow nation.

    The really fashy thing would be just to call us Britons, without the qualifier. But it’s very hard to describe a people when they are trying to pretend that this people doesn’t exist, so that said people can be genocided all the more easily.

  3. Binz says:


  4. Agreed.

    We have to push to make sure that “Briton” doesn’t get twisted in such a way that it always needs a qualifier in the way that “American” does (African-American, White American, Asian American, etc). The indigenous people of the British Isles are just BRITONS, pure and simple. Foreigners in the British Isles need to be called whatever the hell they are (Africans, Pakistanis, etc).

    Names and words are powerful. We can’t let the enemy control them. When “American” meant something other than “White”, that was a huge loss for us.

  5. So some top cop has to be arrested and lose his job all because a few jungle niggers within the department are incapable of understanding this particular colloquialism and its natural context??

    Maybe a ‘Department of Explanations for Dumb Niggers Who Cannot Comprehend’ unit needs to be added to this particular branch of the Met… Because I get the feeling that this sort of thing has happened many times before, and also that this won’t be the last happening either…

  6. Zaros says:

    I fully understand why non whites find this offensive. It implies that white is the sign of purity and goodness. It also implies that darkness is a sign of filth, evil and corruption.

  7. White genocide in the UK?
    I’ll just leave this right here…


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