UK: Underage Girls as Young as EIGHT Are Using Sex Apps at an Alarming Rate

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
February 11, 2019

“Children” in the United Kingdom are grooming and sexually exploiting themselves in record numbers.

Although Grindr is mentioned here, and as far as I’m aware that is an exclusively gay sex app, we can safely assume that most of the really pre-pubescent children getting involved in this are female.


The Digital Secretary has said he will be writing to Tinder and Grindr asking what measures they have in place to keep children safe, after an investigation claimed they are at risk of being exploited on the apps.

Children are at risk of exploiting themselves in the dating app. They have to literally download the app, work around the age verification, sign up, create their profile, and then use the app.

Those are quite a few hoops they have to jump before landing on a dick.

Police have investigated more than 30 incidents of child rape since 2015, where victims were sexually exploited after evading age checks on dating apps, the Sunday Times reported.

Those “victims” knew very well what they were signing up for and what they were evading those age checks for. Everyone knows what those apps are for. If they didn’t know what they were for they wouldn’t know what they were at all.

The newspaper said records obtained through Freedom of Information requests showed 60 further cases of child sex offences via online dating services, including grooming, kidnapping and violent sexual assault.

The youngest victim was eight years old, the paper said.

The findings were described as ‘truly shocking’ by Jeremy Wright, Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport.

Yeah no shit man. Either 8-year-old girls are already looking for dick or 8-year-old faggot boys are looking for gay dick.

Faggot 8-year-old boys are definitely worse. Whores gonna whore, after all, independently of their age.

He added: ‘I will be writing to these companies asking what measures they have in place to keep children safe from harm, including verifying their age.

If I’m not satisfied with their response, I reserve the right to take further action.’

If he’s satisfied with their response he won’t do anything to prevent lolis from revolting further? Okay then.

A man was jailed last week for two-and-a-half years after spending the night with a 12-year-old girl who he claimed he thought was 19 and had met on a popular adult dating app.

Carl Hodgson, 28, invited the child to his flat in Manchester city centre a few days after they first made contact via an app.

The girl invited herself to his flat, in fact. You can read all about that story here.

These dating apps and stuff usually require people to be 18 or older in order to sign-up, which if honored, leaves out what’s arguably the horniest demographic: early and mid-teens.

Of course, teenagers don’t really need Tinder or any other dating app to have sex with their peers. They can do that through normal socializing, Instagram, and other stuff. The fact that they are choosing to use Tinder or other such apps suggests they want to engage with older people they can’t directly meet through their normal teenager environments, and the ones likelier to want that are women first and foremost, followed by homosexual boys.

There’s also absolute fringe cases such as that 8-year-old mentioned in the article, which is just absolute degeneracy. But cases such as the 12-year-old girl lying about their age and telling a man she was 19 before inviting herself to his flat are good examples of how the constant sexual imagery displayed in the media combined with women’s biological instincts result in situations deemed inappropriate by our current cultural state.

It’s quite the contradiction.

On the one hand children are left on their own to consume all kinds of TV shows, movies, and other media packed with sexual programming and Jewish degeneracy. On the other hand, people expect them not to feel anything about it, not to be curious about it, and not to want to engage in it.

The kikes have unleashed women’s sexuality. Age is no longer a barrier strong enough to contain it.

Pubescent girls are looking for sex on dating apps.

The sexual liberation is real, and it must be reversed.

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