UK: Unhinged Global Warming Hoaxers are Going Off the Rails!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 17, 2019

An entire generation was brainwashed into this idiot hoax about how driving a car changes the weather and how those weather changes are going to lead to an apocalypse.

If you create a doomsday cult like that, it is inevitable that certain members of it will become unhinged fanatics.


All three protesters who had earlier glued themselves to a train at London’s Canary Wharf station have now been removed by specialists from the British Transport Police and arrested.

A man and a woman had climbed on top of the train and unfurled a banner reading “Climate Emergency.” Each then glued one of their hands to the top of the train.

A third man glued his hand to the side of the train, near one of the doors.

Officials were seen climbing a ladder and addressing the two protesters on the roof of the carriage.

They provided the pair with protective googles and helmets before applying a solution to the protesters’ hands to remove the adhesive.

The activists were then strapped into harnesses and lowered from the train roof to the platform below.

Basically, the baby boomers destroyed out traditional religion, so the people had no religion, so of course they are going to cling to the new religion that is presented to them.

Religion is never about facts, so there is no point in trying to explain to these people that global warming is a gigantic hoax designed to facilitate a wealth transfer from the first to third world and from the working class to Jewish billionaires. It’s like trying to explain to someone that it is physically impossible to walk on water. You have to believe that cars are going to cause the world to end as an article of faith.

These people are going to get even more extreme. It is only a matter of time before they start doing bombings and all the rest of it. An extreme amount of pent-up religious energy is being poured into this cult. Because humans are naturally religious beings and they crave an outlet for this.

The good part is that I don’t really care about this. Actually, these people are simply going to speed-up the total collapse of all of society, and at this point, that is about the best thing that anyone can be doing.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan says he is “extremely frustrated” by the climate protesters’ decision to disrupt and damage London’s public transport system.

London has always been a city where protests are encouraged, Khan said in an interview with Sky News on Wednesday.

“Only last year we celebrated the first women getting the right to vote, that came from women protesting 100 years ago. I was at a protest myself a few weeks ago, protesting, campaigning and lobbying for the British public to have a final say in whether we should stay in the European Union … It’s important though that any protest is peaceful and lawful.”

Speaking after activists glued themselves to a train in the busy financial area of Canary Wharf, Khan continued: “I’m extremely frustrated by the damages caused to the public transport system in London. That’s why I’d say to the organizers: Please work with the police, please work with TFL [Transport For London], to make sure you minimize disruption caused to those trying to get about their business in our city.”

Because the belief in the hoax has nothing at all to do with facts or information, some of these people are I’m very certain high IQ, high competence whites.

And if they start doing terrorism, well. The system is going to have a serious problem on their hands. Especially given that they ostensibly believe the same things. They are the ones who brainwashed people into thinking the apocalypse was going to come because of car exhaust. How are they then going to negotiate with terrorists who are trying to fulfill their own agenda?

People are going to be like “how much do you actually fucking love science, bro?”

Definitely could lead to some hilarious outcomes as this global warming fanaticism HEATS UP.