UK: Vegans Storm Ethical Store Opposed to Factory Farming and Intimidate Staff and Customers

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
January 15, 2019

Vegans are always getting triggered by anything involving humans not going extinct to make more room for farm animals. Reminds you of anything?

Daily Mail:

Vegans have targeted a self-proclaimed ‘ethical’ grocery store, calling its claim to sell ‘happy meat’ false advertising.

Activists belonging to Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) stormed HISBE sustainable food shop in Brighton, East Sussex, warning shoppers not to be ‘gullible’.

The store says it works with farms where animals are treated with care and respect, only selling locally sourced and free range produce. Its name stands for ‘How It Should Be’.

But protesters stormed the shop with megaphones to brand the business ‘unethical’, which owner Ruth Anslow said was ‘completely false’.

She says that she even allowed the demonstration to take part in the store, only for protesters to plaster anti-meat messages on her counters.  

‘On one hand you have HISBE Food – a social enterprise committed to enabling mainstream supermarket shoppers to buy good quality, real food, locally sourced and seasonal,’ she said.

‘We passionately oppose factory farming and encourage people to consume less, better quality meat. We are committed to ethics-led sourcing and, to us, this means we sell local and high-welfare meat, eggs and dairy products.

On the other hand you have these vegan activists, who think that it is morally wrong for HISBE to sell animal products, full stop.

To the vegan activists, slaughtering an animal for food is the same as murdering a person – it’s irrelevant to them how the animal lived its life if that life is ended prematurely.

‘We thoroughly disagree with this because of the vast difference between the living conditions on factory farms vs small high-welfare farms like ours.’

About 30 protesters lined the isles and stood outside holding signs with messages such as ‘local doesn’t mean ethical.’

The owner says her business also supports high animal, natural farming, reduced waste and plastic and paying their suppliers fairly -according to one of its owners.

We allowed them into the store as they assured us the demo would be short and peaceful – we won’t be doing that again because they were shouting through megaphones and some of our staff and customers felt intimidated,’ she said.

‘We believe everyone has the right to demonstrate although we do get frustrated that the vegan activists misrepresent HISBE.

‘Despite repeated clarification from us, they continue to make statements about us, our business, our sourcing and how we describe our animal products – that are completely false.

‘HISBE serves people of every different food persuasion and we believe in everyone’s right to choose.

‘We invite everyone to consider different ideologies, talk about the food issues that matter to you and make conscious choices about what you eat.’

HISBE sounds like a decent and ethical business, but vegans are still trying to shut it down. Vegans want to make your food choices for you —  claiming they are entitled to do it because of some imaginary moral superiority —  just like those “refugees welcome” veterinarian types feel entitled to replace you from your own country

Veganism and brownism are pretty much the same. They’re based on giving everything away to nonhumans and pretty much committing suicide.

One views animals as worthy of rights, the other views niggers and other brown people as worthy of rights.

They’re fueled by corrupted, self-destructive empathy and self-hate. Combine that with a desire to “fix” this “evil patriarchy” that the Jews have convinced them exists, and you get a decent chunk of their psyche figured out.

Last month 18 DxE activists targeted the seaside town’s Waitrose, holding plates covered in blood and held placards saying: ‘Humane murder is a lie’ in the supermarket’s Brighton store where they told shoppers: ‘You can’t shop in peace when you’re buying death’.

They stood in an impenetrable line trying to prevent shoppers from reaching packs of steak, mince, chicken, turkey and other meats

A month ago the group were also out in force at a Tesco in Sussex where they occupied the meat aisle, this time a silent demo

They never talk about decreasing the frequency of eating animal foods, they’d not even be happy with someone eating a little meat once a month. They want everyone to completely stop eating anything that has to do with animals, and they’ll do anything to achieve that, going as far as claiming that veganism is the best diet for athletes even though vegans look sick.

Even vegan doctors look like cancer patients.

Allowing self-sterilizing corpse-looking people to tell you what’s healthy and moral sounds pretty much like letting loonies run the asylum.

Vegans are agents of destruction.