UK: White Woman Enjoys Role as Member of Negro Samurai Terror Gang

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
October 31, 2018

Can you figure out which of these things is not like the other?

It helps to listen to the song while you puzzle this out. Here:

It goes: one of these things is NOT like the other! 

Well, let’s hone in on that one thing, shall we?

This is one hardcore ride or die bitch, lemme tell ya.

Either that or she’s addicted to whatever drugs they had her hooked on.

Synthetic weed that makes you turn into something resembling a zombie as niggers hoot and look on with amusement

Because niggers and all sorts of browns will do that – get a white girl hooked on drugs and then make her exchange sex for drugs.

That’s normal. Or at least I should say, that’s the new normal.

This bitch took it a step further though.


A violent London gang which terrorised businesses with a fake handgun, hammer, and samurai sword in a campaign of “frightening armed robberies” has been jailed.

The organised group targetted bookmakers, demonstrating knowledge of their security procedures and cunning methods, including using female gang members to lure staff out into the shop floor.

They would then use shocking levels of violence and intimidation to force the workers into opening safes and producing cash, police revealed Monday.

So not only do I gotta keep my eye out for false rape accusation from the bitch, STDs or STIs from her nasty infected Tinder-snatch, psychotic bfs who want to pick a fight, but also packs of samurai-sword wielding niggers right around the corner?


Sex doll brothels, here I come.

People talk about how they wouldn’t be able to get it on with a plastic doll because it would be too weird.

Yeah, well…

Safety first. Besides, seems to me that fucking these plastic dolls is more wholesome and good for your long-term emotional, financial and physical health than fucking one of these Western slags.

And where is Dad in all of this?

Psh, I’m not even going to pretend that I give a shit anymore.

You know the doll had no dad either, and I don’t see it robbing anybody with a pack of samurai-sword wielding niggers in tow, do you?

So really, what’s the human chick’s excuse?