UK: Woman Makes Hundreds of Calls to Police to Berate Operators Over Their Race and Gender

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
February 7, 2019

Monika Osinska

This woman’s nigger fatigue case is so extreme it has now turned into minority fatigue.


A woman who made hundreds of foul-mouthed 999 calls abusing operators over their race and gender has been jailed.

Monika Osinska, 34, was handed a 12-week sentence after making a staggering 339 malicious calls in just two months between September and November last year.

She dialled the emergency number to berate staff 23 times in one day alone on November 1.

The nuisance cost Greater Manchester Police (GMP) £1,400 in wasted time and wages as well as potentially hampering their ability to deploy officers to genuine crimes and major incidents.

She was cautioned at the beginning of last year after making 150 of them in less than a month.

Despite the warning, she continued making abusive calls in which she often made derogatory remarks about the operator’s race, gender and nationality.

Even mentioning “race” and “nationality” in the context of police officers and emergency operators is insane. How can anyone think that flooding our armed forces with invaders is somehow not making it easier for them to take over?

Do people really think they’re in charge if there’s no second amendment and the police force is flooded with foreigners?

Do they feel in charge?

We’re giving control over our guns to invaders and people somehow believe they’re in charge just because the invaders are “employed” by us?  It’s madness how most people don’t see we’re literally giving away control over our own countries. We’re giving away the keys to our home and we’re giving away our ability to defend it.

But this woman sees it.

Can’t really blame her for having a psychotic break after realizing she actually has no country nor home and that everything is actually the community property of Mordor.