UK: Woman That Crippled Boyfriend Because She Doesn’t Approve of His Past is Spared Jail

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
January 17, 2019

Linda Shaw

This is a blatant example of the “pussy pass.”


A woman who crippled her boyfriend in a hit-and-run crash after finding out he was a convicted rapist with a long-term lover has been spared jail.

Linda Shaw, 31, believed Barrington Sinclair was a bachelor after meeting him online, Manchester’s Minshull Street Crown Court heard.

But she discovered he had a rape conviction and was living with his family just miles from her house.

Shaw admitted grievous bodily harm and was given a suspended sentence.

The man didn’t really do anything to her, aside from not telling her she was the side bitch.

Barrington Sinclair

Independently of what her boyfriend looks like, this sets a very bad precedent.

Judge Bernard Lever told her: “You were treated very badly by this man.

I was going to send you immediately to prison but, just by a whisker, I am able to suspend this sentence because of the wholly exceptional circumstances.”

What this means is that a woman was spared jail because a judge thinks that what prompted her to commit the crime is enough punishment for the crime. That’s what he’s saying when he says that she was treated “very badly” by the man she crippled.

Imagine sparing thieves jail because “the poverty they experienced made them steal stuff and that is enough punishment because poverty feels bad.”

We could take it even further: “the sexual frustration he experienced made him rape and that is enough punishment because sexual frustration feels bad.”

This woman only got her feelings hurt and was spared jail because of it, even though she inflicted very real harm to a man.

Check out that physiognomy.

She screamed at him “look what you’ve made me do” before fleeing the scene, the court heard.

Women are never responsible for their actions, and this Judge Bernard Lever faggot agrees.

It’s always the man’s fault.

Sinclair suffered a fractured leg and was taken to hospital, and has had seven operations due to a number of complications and infections. He has since lost his job and now walks with a limp.

Just like women have always been the primary victims of war because they lose their husbands, their fathers, and their sons in combat, this woman is the primary victim of this story because she lost her boyfriend, the sons she never had with him, and the attention she never got from him. It’s all gone now.

Don’t you agree she’s suffered enough?

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