UK’s Most Dangerous Muslim Terrorists to be Freed and Given Anonymity

January 20, 2014

Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed disguised himself in a burka last year to escape his court controls
Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed disguised himself in a burka last year to escape his court controls and now he is being freed and given a new identity.

Some of Britain’s most dangerous terror suspects will have their human rights protected by being given lifetime anonymity when they are freed later this month.

Seven Islamic extremists will be free to walk the streets with impunity when their court controls expire next week.

All of the men, considered a threat to national security, have been held under terrorism prevention and investigation measures (TPIM) designed to restrict their activity.

However, as the two year limit comes to a close at the end of January, the men will have total freedom to associate with who they like as members of the public are left unaware, the Telegraph reported.

The men were placed on the TPIM’s because there was too little evidence to prosecute them for any offences.

Keith Vaz MP believes a review of the situation is needed
As usual Keith Vaz had to be involved somewhere and he said ‘a review of the situation is needed’.

Earlier this week, MPs urged the Government to review the separate circumstances of each of the men.

Keith Vaz MP, and chairman of the Commons home affairs select committee, said: “It would be odd to have a situation where anonymity remains in place even though these orders have expired.

“It would be sensible to have a review of this situation.”

With two of the men allegedly part of the plot to blow up transatlantic airliners in 2006, ministers have called on the Government to increase the length of the TPIM’s.

Diana Johnson, shadow crime & security minister, said: “These are suspects that only this year the Home Secretary was arguing were too dangerous to be left uncontrolled and that was agreed to by judges.

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