Ungrateful Monkeyface Jew Refuses to Commit Suicide After Entire Internet Demands It

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 4, 2018

The ungrateful Jewish mutant Pete Davidson, of Saturday Night Live fame, has publicly announced that he will not kill himself, regardless of the fact that the entire internet believes he should do that.

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This comes after his breakup with Ariana Grande

It is disgusting and wrong that this Jew will not put himself out of our misery.

He is on TV for the EXCLUSIVE reason that he is ugly and Jewish. He is not popular. He is not funny. He is an abomination.

Jews wanted to display the ugliest imaginable Jew railing the Catholic shiksa princess of their music industry, so they hooked this mutant Jew Davidson up with El Quesadilla Grande.

The entirety of SNL is so bad that it is hard to single out this kike as being less funny than the rest of them, but his bit is literally “orange man bad laugh track penis penis penis fart butthole haha ya know.” Over and over again.

He’s been doing it for three years now – that is the only thing he does on the show, he comes on and says “orange man is very bad, ya know.” Here’s him doing it in 2015.

Here he is a couple weeks ago.

He is just specifically a gargoyle Jew with a stereotypical New York kike accent and neurotic mannerisms.

This is the most standard kike move ever to come out like “oh, I’m so depressed, I’m going to kill myself” and then when everyone on the internet is like “GOGOGOGOGO DO IT NOW YOU KIKE” he’s like “oh, no matter what you goyim do I will never kill myself.”