Unhinged European Whackjobs Fear “Climate Change” More Than Terrorism and Mass Immigration

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 29, 2019

Modern electronic media is the most dangerous weapon ever invented.

You can literally use fake charts to brainwash people into believing the world is going to end based on gibberish, and tell them that in order to avoid this apocalypse, they have to act against their own interests.

Even when it’s proved you faked the graphs, they’ll just keep believing it.


Almost half of all Europeans fear climate change more than losing a job or of a terrorist attack, a study by the European Investment Bank (EIB) showed on Thursday as EU lawmakers declared a “climate emergency”.

The symbolic vote by lawmakers was designed to pressure for action against global warming at an upcoming United Nations summit..

The EIB survey of 30,000 respondents from 30 countries, including China and the United States, showed 47% of Europeans saw climate change as the number one threat in their lives, above unemployment, large scale migration and concerns about terrorism.

“European citizens are highly concerned about climate change and its impact on their everyday life and future,” said Emma Navarro, EIB Vice-President responsible for climate action and the environment.

“Interestingly, many of them are optimistic about the possibility to reverse it. Unfortunately, science says otherwise. We have one shot at limiting global warming and mitigating its effects,” she said.

The EIB, owned by European Union governments, is the world’s largest international public lending institution and has the task of financing climate-change related investment that is a priority for the new European Commission.

There is no proof for any of these claims, and in fact, it’s snowing in Southern California right now, as I type this.

New York Post:

It was a white Thanksgiving in Southern California, as a “weather whiplash” storm dumped several inches of snow in some regions — and helped to extinguish a wildfire, according to a new report.

Up to 8 inches of snow fell in some parts of the Antelope Valley, at the western tip of the Mojave Desert, The Los Angeles Times reported.

Over the last two days, Lancaster has seen 4 to 5 inches of snow and 3 inches fell in nearby Palmdale, the paper reported.

Part of Interstate 5 was also closed amid heavy snow, according to the report.

The snow helped extinguish a blaze known as the Cave Fire in Santa Barbara County that had threatened homes earlier in the week, authorities told the outlet.

“This is just really unique. We’ve never had fire with active snowfall near the point of origin. It’s very unusual,” county fire department spokesman Mike Eliason told the outlet. “It was a very thankful moment. Thankful that no one got injured, no one lost their home. That the snow came over heavy rain. And I’m just thankful that everybody got home safe.”

The weather was a significant departure from conditions earlier this month, climatologist Bill Patzert noted.

“It was weather whiplash — an abrupt change from hot and dry to unusually frigid,” he told the outlet. “Like 0 to 60 in a Tesla.”

Then they will just say this was caused by global warming. That everything is global warming.

We are living in an insane asylum.