United Nations Chief Says Losing Climate Change Race “Can be a Disaster For Africa”

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
February 9, 2019

Stock photo of Africa now (left) compared to Africa in the near future (right)

Good news! The United Nations chief has warned that not killing the economy of the West to prevent the climate from changing can be a disaster for Africa. Needless to say… both not killing our economy and a disaster in Africa are good things for us and for the planet.


The United Nations chief says the world is losing the race with climate change and “this can be a disaster for Africa” and beyond.

He says Africa will pay a “higher price” over climate change because of the dramatic impacts, while the continent “doesn’t contribute much” to global warming. Temperature increases will be greater in Africa.

They’re back with “global warming” now. Okay. We can work with that.

This may be how we finally rid the planet of the blacks: by not destroying our countries. No need to do anything else. We just have to mind our own business and the planet and climate will take care of the rest.

Pretty good deal, huh?

Even if the West also suffers from experiencing a different climate, it’s still an excellent deal. Remember white people already lived through the worst of the Ice Age while Africans were hanging comfortably from trees in Africa and having so many sunbathing sessions that their skin turned black.

This is the planet restoring balance.

If white countries experience hotter climates, we’ll go with lighter clothes and air conditioning. If African countries experience hotter climates, they’ll roast to death.

If the climate ends up getting colder and colder in white countries, we already have the experience for dealing with that.

Everything’s gonna be alright.

The U.N. chief also tells reporters that after recent moves toward peace in South Sudan and between Ethiopia and Eritrea, “I believe Africa is becoming an example where it is possible to solve and prevent conflicts.”

There’s still a long way to go for that, Mr. United Nation’s chief.

Every other day there’s news about armed conflicts somewhere in Africa. For some alien reason, blacks seem to be more focused on killing each other than dealing with Ebola or other immediate problems and currently depend on white people’s aid to stay alive.

All the resources we’re pouring on Africa have been keeping Africans alive. Stopping “humanitarian aid” would be a way of population-control in Africa, but convincing our people to stop giving stuff away to blacks sounds more difficult than convincing our people not to maim our economies, which from what this UN person says, will be enough to cleanse Africa quite a bit.

We’ll just let Ebola-Chan and the climate do the heavy lifting.