#UniteTheRight: Beware of Anti-Fascist Sex Pervert Lacy MacAuley!

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
August 11, 2017

The Daily Stormer to Lacy MacAuley is like Lauren Southern videos to beta male cuckolds.

We can expect a circus side show of freaks to protest us at tomorrow’s rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. But just because our political enemies are a bunch of degenerates doesn’t mean we should underestimate them. These people are psychologically unsound, meaning that their behavior will be difficult to predict. We need to be ready for anything.

One of the sickest individuals that we will see “protesting” us is the anti-fascist sex pervert Lacy MacAuley. This is a crazy woman who admittedly let a Turkish man beat and “rape” her over and over again. She enjoys being abused despite claiming the contrary.

When Middle East monkey sex was no longer enough for her, MacAuley became sexually obsessed with Nazis and White Sharia.

Here she is sexually harassing an innocent Daily Stormer supporter at the recent AmRen conference.

She has also gained a weird fixation with the Daily Stormer itself. This became apparent after I penned an article exposing her secret sex fantasies.

Look at some of the posts on her Twitter feed.

Clearly this woman is not well.

If we lived in a normal society, she would be put on a sex offender’s registry and locked up in a mental hospital. Since we do not live in a normal society, she is allowed to freely roam the streets.

This is a warning to all Nazis attending the rally. Be on the look out for her. She is an insane woman looking for a Nazi to subjugate her to White Sharia. No self respecting Nazi would want to deal with such madness so I am writing this article as a public service announcement.

Unfortunately, it looks as if she will do anything to satisfy her bizarre sex fantasies. It is highly likely that she will sexually harass innocent Nazis with unwanted sexual advances. She might bend over in front of you or she might start dry humping your leg while yelling incoherently about the patriarchy. She might even try to grab your dick.

If this happens to you, don’t blame yourself and don’t be ashamed. Remember, it is not your fault. You are the victim.

Simply report her to the proper authorities and let them deal with her from there.

We will not let sick sex perverts like Lacy MacAuley ruin a perfectly good Nazi rally.

These are our streets!

No retreat! No surrender!

Hail Victory!