Untalented Prick Jim Carry Makes Sick Portrait of Sarah Sanders

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 20, 2018

Jim Carrey is a sick sonovabitch who drove his girlfriend to suicide after giving her a bunch of STDs and abusing her for years, and he thinks he has the right to morally grandstand on anyone.

He is also a horrible painter and that shit is gross.

He did make some funny movies in the 90s, but everything since that one where he played Jew Andy Coffman has been horrible. Starting with that one. Now he doesn’t even make movies anymore, just gives women STDs and bullies them into suicide.

Just looked at his wiki. It’s been a seriously rough couple decades for this guy.

But he’s still affecting the culture because what?

Because of 90s nostalgia?

Celebrity culture is so sick.

We would do better in a Hunger Games type culture, tbh.

At least being able to kill people is an actual skill, whereas acting is something that literally any single individual can do after a couple of classes.

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