US Aid to Venezuela Appears to be a Trojan Horse for Invasion

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 10, 2019

Using “humanitarian aid” as cover for a military intervention is the most appropriate possible use of the Trojan Horse analogy.

The Greeks gave Troy the horse as a gift. And it was filled with soldiers.

Basically, sending aid is a way to open up a supply line. They could also literally ship in guns in boxes marked “food.”

NBC News:

Dozens of volunteers prepared sacks of rice, canned tuna and protein-rich biscuits for malnourished children as Venezuela’s opposition vowed to deliver the U.S. humanitarian aid to their troubled nation.

As the food and hygiene kits were packed into individual white bags in the city of Cúcuta, just across the river from Venezuela, U.S. officials and Venezuelan opposition leaders appealed to the military to the let the aid through.

Lester Toledo, who is representing opposition leader Juan Guaidó in the aid mission, issued a message to troops, telling them the aid contains food and medicine their own families need. He recalled how in 2016, a large group of Venezuelan women dressed in white and intent on crossing the closed border with Colombia made their way through a line of national guardsmen to buy food on the other side.

“I am convinced that the way we are going to pass this aid is with the Venezuelan people,” Toledo said at a press event unveiling the aid. “People, people and more people bringing in humanitarian aid.”

The Vice President of the country is openly stating that this is an invasion plot – something which the American media isn’t reporting.


Washington’s decision to send aid to Venezuela now is pure hypocrisy as it was the US that caused the nation’s economic woes with its sanctions, Vice President Delcy Rodriguez told RT. She believes the aid foreshadows an invasion.

The US seeks to create conditions that would allow it to invade Venezuela, Rodriguez said, slamming Washington for the decision to send humanitarian aid at the request of the opposition leader and self-proclaimed interim president, Juan Guaido.

Washington seeks to present a distorted view of the situation in Venezuela to create a “false positive” impression about its own policies against Caracas, the vice president said, adding that, although the nation does struggle with social and economic problems, it does not suffer from a full-scale humanitarian crisis and by no means requires any help from Washington.

“This [humanitarian assistance] is a big lie,” she said, adding that Venezuela’s social “wounds” were the result of the US economic “blockade.” What Venezuela does need is a national dialog between the government and the opposition – something that she says the US actively impedes.

“We say: ‘yes to dialog’ and ‘no to war’,” Rodriguez said, adding that her country has been facing “total political and ideological rejection” by the US and some of its allies. She also accused Washington of directly “giving orders” to the opposition led by Guaido.

“Washington believes that [Venezuelan President] Nicolas Maduro should go. Washington’s response is its distorted doctrine of regime change [in] democratic nations that do not like it when someone twists their arms and forcibly interferes into their internal affairs,” Rodriguez explained.

No one voted for Donald Trump because they wanted to see democracy brought to Venezuela.

This is completely insane.

I would tell you to call him, but I don’t think it is going to do any good. If he cared what people thought, he wouldn’t be doing this in the first place.

He has clearly lost all control of his presidency.

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