US Ambassador to Israel Gleefully Accepts Photoshopped Portrait of Jerusalem with Al-Aqsa Replaced with Jew Temple

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 23, 2018

Well this is, um.



Tensions surrounding Jerusalem just got worse, thanks to a bit of make believe and Photoshop. The US ambassador was thrust into controversy after accepting a picture of the city which replaced a mosque with a third Jewish temple.

US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman was all smiles as he accepted the aerial photo of Jerusalem during a tour of the city of Bnei Brak held by the ultra-Orthodox Achiya organization, which aids children suffering from learning disabilities.

While a gift to a US ambassador by an Israeli organization isn’t exactly breaking news considering the Jewish State’s extreme delight at Washington’s decision to relocate its embassy to Jerusalem, this one particular gift was more than a bit absurd, because it isn’t at all factual.

The photo shows the iconic Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock replaced with the Third Temple, which has been long sought after by Jews. The image of Friedman was first published on the ultra-Orthodox news website Kikar Hashabat.

Once the US Embassy saw the doctored photo, it snapped back by saying that Friedman “was not aware of the image thrust in front of him when the photo was taken. He was deeply disappointed that anyone would take advantage of his visit to Bnei Brak to create controversy.” It went on to reiterate that the US “supports the status quo on the Haram al-Sharif/Temple Mount.”

Yeah… a bit hard to believe.

But okay.

The embassy demanded an apology from the non-profit organization which gifted the photo, an official told Haaretz. It later received one, with the non-profit saying that “regretfully the entire event was marred by a cheap political act.” It added that “the responsible staff member was identified and apologizes and we will deal with the matter internally in the organization.”

As is stated, the Jews have a plan to tear down the Al-Aqsa mosque, the third most holy site in Islam, and replace it with a Jewish temple.

The mosque was built by Moslems on the site of the first two Jewish temples after Moslems took Jerusalem. The first temple, Solomon’s Temple, may or may not have actually existed. The second one was destroyed by the Romans during a Jewish uprising in 70 AD. Al-Aqsa, which includes the iconic Dome of the Rock, was built 600 years later in the 7th century.

Interesting factoid: the Jews themselves helped the Moslems take Jerusalem from the Roman Christians in in the 7th century. They’ve always been kinda “frenimies.”

Netanyahu’s biggest supporters are ultra-religious Jews, who view him as a borderline messiah figure.

Netanyahu may or may not himself be religious. I think he probably is not. But the difference between Jewish ethnocentrism and Jewish religiosity is very thin.

Clearly, tearing down the mosque and building the temple is part of his own agenda, which is being creeped towards continually.

The Jewish government has repeatedly been caught in scandals involving plans to build this Third Temple, just as they’ve been caught in plans to nuke Europe.

The irreligious Jewish political reasoning is that it would cause so much chaos within the Moslem world that they would launch a war which would give Jews an excuse to drag the whole world into the conflict which would eventually allow them to establish direct rule over the entire Islamic world.

The evangelical Christian Zionist doomsday cult has been taught by Jews to believe that building this temple would signal the “end times” when they are going to be sucked up into outer space in something called “the rapture” by an alternative universe version of Jesus Christ known as “Space Jesus.”

During the Bush era, when we were pushed into all of these wars with Israel, a quarter of Americans believed in this bizarre science fiction type cult. I’m sure it is fewer now, as it is a boomer thing mainly and they’re dying off. The belief is so bizarre that it couldn’t really be transferred from one generation to another, and it pretty much could only exist in the minds of the people who were there when it was introduced by televangelist doomsday preachers in the 70s and 80s, and local preachers began picking up on the money that was to be made in following the televangelist line.

This doomsday doctrine really blew up in the 90s, when a guy wrote a series of best-selling actual science fiction novels on it called “Left Behind.”

The cult is similar to Scientology in that science fiction novels were a part of its foundation. Scientology, however, is not a doomsday cult and though silly is mainly focused on self-improvement and allowing goyim to organize in industries controlled by Jews.

Despite the fact that their numbers are dwindling, Evangelicals remain extremely politically active.

And though belief in Christianity is dropping off generally, due to the way the church has so monumentally failed to preserve our culture, it is still the biggest bloc of Christianity in America.

The whole thing is that it is perfect for boomers who cannot manage emotionally to stomach the concept of death, and it is preaching that if this series of events takes place in the Middle East, they won’t have to die, because they will be sucked up into space by Space Jesus.

So they are pressuring politically to bring about the apocalypse so they can overcome the eternal cycle of life and death. It is similar in that way to the transhumanist ideology, although the transhumanists are not trying to end the world on purpose. Their thing is also less weird as it is all theoretically based on science.

Point being: Trump is courting these people, and that is at least part of why he is doing this stuff in Israel. I think Jewish pressure is a bigger part of it, but Evangelical doomsday cultists are a bigger bloc than the Alt-Right by at least double, and this embassy move does appear to have actually been good for Trump’s poll numbers.

John Hagee and other Evangelical lunatics attended the ceremony of the embassy move.

This picture of Jerusalem with the new Jew temple is going to send these people into a frenzy.

So no, I don’t buy that it was just a Jewish trick. It looks like a planned thing for the American Evangelical audience, which the administration can then say “whoa whoa whoa, we need to put the brakes on that” with the signal having already been sent to them.

I don’t think Trump is planning to go through with some full on insane Jewish plan in the Middle East. His whole campaign was about avoiding that. But he is courting these people. And that is concerning.