US Army PR Disaster: Who Thought This was a Good Idea?

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
July 19, 2018


The army and every single government bureaucracy except the IRS is filled with complete drooling idiots.

This is Idiocracy-tier.


Someone in the US Army thought celebrating World Emoji Day by posting a picture of troops with emojis in place of their faces was a good idea. What they received in return was not exactly smiley faces. The picture posted by the US Army seemed odd, partly because the emoji they chose looks like a grimacing face. People apparently found it to be an inappropriate trivialization of the horrors of war.

Yeah, I agree with this and I’m not even a liberal faggot.

There’s this…dare I say, American impulse to sugar-coat everything.

And war is basically about killing people and advancing your country’s interest in the best case scenario. 

Modern war is about fighting for kike interests worldwide, of course, but even if it wasn’t, it’s downright macabre to stick smiley faces on soldiers out on a killing mission.

That’s some fucking horror show shit. That’s killer clown with a knife coming at you tier juxtaposition.

And it’s part of this wider sugar-coating operation that is at work in every corner of White society now. They think that by letting more women, blacks and Moslems into the army, they’re somehow making the Army a force for good. Like, it doesn’t matter if they’re killing people, they’re diverse while doing so, and diversity is the prime directive. Things can be horrible, bloody and completely dystopian…

But as long as we stick a smiling emoji on it, everything is supposed to be ok.

They do this with everything now. Wages are falling, but let’s focus on the bright side…the working class is becoming more diverse! A net win, right, bigot?

The US army is killing peasants in some irrelevant shithole somewhere far away in a pointless war…but record numbers of women are now enlisted in the army. A net win.

Violence in the cities and the suburbs is on the rise. But hey, they’re getting more culturally diverse, so let’s just chalk that up as a net win too.

It’s really, really macabre when you think about it. At least in Orwell’s Airstrip One, you had a heavy-handed government that made little attempt to not appear evil.

Imagine if Big Brother wasn’t an intimidating looking normal hetero White guy, but just a big smiley emoji, staring at you and arresting you, following your every move.

Which is scarier?

Yeah, I thought so.

Even a ‘tard can understand this. But I guess the guy running the Army social media account…also strange, why does the army need…whatever, it could actually be funny.

We don’ just dropped #dabomb on the #taliban #boom #freedomaintfree #joinusarmytoday