US Issues Anti-Chinese Travel Warning, Says “Foreigners” May be Detained Arbitrarily

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 3, 2019

The US State Department has issued a travel warning on China, saying that US citizens might be arbitrarily forced to remain in the country.

Interestingly, they single-out “dual US-Chinese nationals.”

Let me tell you a little something about the Chinese: they have absolutely zero conception of being anything other than Chinese. It is literally impossible for them to enter into their brains the concept that they are something other than Chinese. So the idea of an “American Chinaman” is utterly nonsensical.

Every ethnic Chinaman with foreign citizenship is effectively a foreign agent.

It is of course true that every nonwhite that is given citizenship in a white country fails to magically become “an American,” and remains loyal to their race first, but it is especially pronounced with the Chinese, who do not have anything even beginning to resemble any form of individualism.

Chinese look at acquiring citizenship in white countries as a way to spread Chinese racial influence, period.

Even the Chinese who dislike the Chinese government – and there are a few – are still members of the insect-like hivemind of the Chinese race. The Taiwanese, for instance, simply believe that they should be ruling China instead of the PRC. They don’t consider themselves to be “non-Chinese.”

The reverse is also true, where the Chinese hivemind simply assumes that every ethnic Chinaman is a servant of China. So of course they believe they have a right to hold any ethnic Chinese who has a piece of paper that says he’s “an American,” and force them to work for the agenda of the Chinese hivemind.

Right now, China is undergoing a process of transformation to equalize the imbalances in the hivemind, and there is no reason to believe it won’t work beautifully. The PRC is going to come to equitable terms with Chinamen that disagree with it, as they further unify as a race under a single system.

And that is going to mean that every single Chinaman with foreign citizenship works in service of the PRC directly.

This could be seen as a challenge for the West, I suppose, but it is obviously one that they brought upon themselves by embracing this idiotic Jewish ideology that if you give a person a piece of paper that says they have a new nationality, they undergo some kind of inexplicable biological transformation.

If the US was serious about viewing China as an enemy, they would immediately strip all ethnic Chinese of US citizenship, and demand that their allies (looking at you, Canada) do the same.

However, I’m not even sure how bothered I am by the Chinese conquest of earth.

Surely, our new Chinese overlords can’t be worse than the disgusting Jews.

tfw the Chinamen come to liberate us from the kikes, freeing us into a much less offensive form of slavery to an alien race.