US Judge Rule: If You’re Ever Forced to Sentence Immigrants, Apologize to Them for It at Sentencing

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 25, 2018

It is a horrible, evil thing for the imperialist government of the capitalist racist slavery nation of America to ever punish any immigrant for any crime.

But, if it comes to it, and a judge has no choice, the very least he can do is be as lenient as possible and also apologize to the immigrants at sentencing.

The very least he can do.


The former owner of a Portland halal market who, with his brother, traded $1.4 million in federal food benefits for cash was sentenced Monday afternoon in U.S. District Court to three years in prison.

The federal prosecutor called the case “one of the largest, if not the largest, fraud cases involving [Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program] benefits in [Maine].”

Ali Ratib Daham, 41, of Westbrook who originally owned Ahram Halal Market, 630 Forest Avenue, pleaded guilty in November to one count each of conspiracy to defraud the U.S. government, money laundering and theft of government funds.

His brother, Abdulkareem Daham, 23, was sentenced Monday morning to two years in prison. He was convicted after a three-day jury trial in January of conspiracy to defraud the United States, according to court documents.

The older brother was ordered to pay $1.4 million in restitution, while the younger was ordered to pay up to $955,000, according to their attorneys. The restitution order states that the men are equally responsible for payments but the younger brother’s payments are capped.

Ali Daham already has paid $80,000 toward restitution, according to court documents.

In sentencing the older brother, U.S. District Court D. Brock Hornby, who himself is a naturalized citizen, said there were “no winners in a case like this.”

“By sentencing two brothers, I realize I’m creating great pain for this family,” he said. “I’m also creating great pain for the immigrant community, as many members have told me he was a great helper to them. Sadly, he was a helper to them by defrauding the government.”

This judge is a long-time immigrant advocate.

He does this shit in his personal time. He’s originally from Canada.

Augusta attorney Walter McKee recommended the former store owner be sentenced to six months in prison in his sentencing memorandum. He said that 72 letters in support of his client had been submitted to the court.

Nearly 60 friends, family and supporters filled the Portland courtroom, several of whom told Hornby that Daham is a kind family man who deserves lenience.

The Dahams are natives of Iraq. The family fled the country in the mid-2000s. They arrived in Portland in 2009 and opened the business two years later.

The elder brother said that he broke the law in an effort to help Portland’s immigrant community.

“I came from a country experiencing different wars,” said Ali Daham through a translator when it was his turn to address the court. “The human condition was different. People had to help each other. … What I did [here] was in the spirit of providing help for people in the community.”

But Assistant U.S. Attorney Jonathan Chapman argued that by running the welfare-for-cash fraud, Daham harmed those immigrants in need by fueling prejudice against his community and “providing ammunition to those who would seek to restrict welfare benefits.”

The evidence presented at the younger Daham’s trial showed that between June 2011 through April 2016, the brothers gave cash to customers at the market in exchange for benefits from the SNAP and the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children plus a fee.

During that period, the market received more than $4 million in SNAP and WIC receipts, at least $1.4 million of which were obtained illegally, according to court documents.

This is probably instructive.


Not just in how judges view brown criminals as victims, but in how these communities of brown people view themselves as outsiders effectively at war with White America.

They have no desire to integrate and contribute to our society – only a little baby or a woman could ever take that notion seriously in theory, but we have all of these years demonstrating that it is factually untrue, and still we continue to allow the Jews to tell us this.

These particular immigrants are Iraqi, so on the “war with White America” point, they do sort of have a point. The basic concept of bringing in “refugees” from a country that you invaded and destroyed is so completely insane as to be unfathomable. But this was going on all throughout the Bush years, and up through the Obama years – we were bringing in young men from countries that we had invaded.

But other brown communities behave the same way, whether they are Moslem, African or Latino.

They all view themselves as alien groups in our country, trying to get as much as they can from us, the host. Which is what they are, objectively. It is only the idiot white true believer who is capable of seeing them as something other than that.

We have to get these animals out of our country.

And the very first step in doing that is getting our own people to see them as what they are: bloodsucking parasites who come here to take what is ours. What our ancestors gave to us so that we may give it to our own children.

The wealth of our nation does not belong to us.

We are simply keepers of it, tasked with passing it on to generations to come.

We are stealing from future generations by allowing these evil fucking savages to come and take this from us.