US Women’s Soccer Savages Unleash Vile Victory Twerk After Meaningless Victory

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
July 9, 2019

Remind me again why we encourage and allow this in our society?

Let’s be honest here: no one – not even libshit women – watches Women’s Soccer.

The only people who watch Women’s Soccer are college students – lasses and lads trying to sleep with said lasses. No one else has the willpower that comes hand-in-hand with youthful enthusiasm to subject themselves to this absolute torture.


After making headlines with her ‘tea drinking’ celebration against England, US star Alex Morgan was all over social media again after her team’s World Cup final victory – this time for celebratory moves of a different kind.

Striker Morgan helped the US to a 2-0 win over the Netherlands in Lyon on Sunday as the team sealed a second successive title and a fourth in total.

They took the party to the locker room after the game, where Morgan, 30, was seen twerking to a backdrop of rap music in a confetti-strewn room as the players drank beer.

“Oh dear, oh dear, she dirty,” goalkeeper Ashlyn Harris is heard joking behind the camera.

This is what happens when you professionalize women’s sports and really, going back down the causality chain, it’s what happens when you let women out of their cages.

Let me be clear here: there is no point to professional or semi-professional women’s sports. Anything except recreational games with friends is completely ridiculous.

Suffice it to say, women get literally nothing out of being good at sports. They can develop some physical fitness, sure, but that’s just a byproduct of sport and not the essence of the practice. Fundamentally, sports are a way for men to compete against one another to win fame, money and biddies.

No woman gets sexier by having won a trophy. This is because no man really cares. If there’s a hot woman with no shiny trophy and an aggressive bulldyke with a shiny trophy, we know who the man will choose. Furthermore, no one takes women’s accomplishment’s seriously because no one wants to emulate women. I have never ever looked up to and been inspired by a female historical figure or athlete or whatever and neither have you.

Men will never not shrug at an ambitious woman’s accomplishments.

So, with no heightened sex appeal to be derived from it, no real fame or admiration from society at large and no real money (because no one watches it), the victory just rings hollow.

The only, and I do mean only time that people cheer for women’s sports is when they’re actually cheering for their beloved nation and they see the flag on these women’s uniforms and decide to cheer for it.

Or if they’re hot.

The casual bystander might be tricked into believing that the fans are cheering for the people in the uniforms, but they would be mistaken.

More people are going to watch this gyrating in the locker room than will ever watch the final, because having this stocky little slut shake her ass just makes more sense than having her run around and chase a ball.