Uzbek Menace Spreads to Sweden as Terror Plot Foiled by Otherwise Useless Police

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
May 5, 2018

Those filthy Uzbeks.

The Local:

Three men arrested after anti-terror raids in Sweden have been remanded in custody.

Solna District Court on Thursday remanded two of the men on suspicion of preparing to commit an act of terror, a 38-year-old man from Kyrgyzstan and a 45-year-old man from Uzbekistan.

It also remanded the third suspect, a 29-year-old Uzbek, but on a lower degree of suspicion.

Thursday’s hearing was held behind closed doors, but according to court documents seen by The Local the allegations against the oldest man apply to January 1st, 2017, until April this year.

The other two are suspected of having taken part in the act from July 1st last year.

All three are registered in Stockholm, but the 45-year-old has his post delivered to an address in Strömsund, where police raids were also carried out at the time of the arrests earlier this week.

They all deny the allegations. The 45-year-old’s lawyer has previously told Swedish news agency TT that he has answered all questions and has “given an explanation that is possible to check”.

The man arrived in Sweden in 2008. He works in the building industry and has changed his name several times. The other two are not yet registered as residents in Sweden – they do not have Swedish personal numbers but only temporary coordination numbers (samordningsnummer).

At least one of the men has previously been in contact with Rakhmat Akilov – an Uzbek man charged with the deadly terror attack in Stockholm in April 2017 – an unnamed source has told TT.

The security police have declined to comment in detail, but have confirmed that the case has “international connections” and that the arrests were the result of “intensive intelligence work”. 

Let me interpret that last statement: the Russkies told them these guys were terrorists and for once the Swedes listened.

Now, few people know this, but Uzbeks and Kyrgyz are quite literally shit-eaters. 

Don’t believe me?

Well, chances are you’ve never heard of “Nasvay.”

It’s basically chicken shit mixed with weak tobacco and some household chemicals. It gets you high or at least gives you a buzz and its dirt cheap.

Also, as we all know, brown people not only look and smell like shit, but they also have an affinity for getting high off shit. 

To make matters worse, there’s a Moslem revival happening in Uzbekistan and there are all these young, high, rapey men that want to kill infidels and they’re starting to spread ’round the world. They’re really punching above their weight when it comes to Islamic terror attacks around the world.

The Soviet-era authorities are still locking them up in the Stans, but once the older generation starts retiring, the new generation will take power and the country will become a Wahabi Jihadist state.

The most-recent Manhattan truck attack was done by an Uzbek too.

Also, to those that don’t know, the Uzbeks are virulently anti-White.

When the Soviet Union broke up, they started ethnically cleansing Russians who lived and worked there. There were no mass graves, but Russians found themselves out of jobs, unable to advance career-wise and subject to attacks on their person and property.

So yeah, basically…

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