Vaping Named Daily Stormer’s Man of the Year for 2017!

Daily Stormer
December 9, 2017

Selecting the recipient of the prestigious Daily Stormer Man of the Year award is serious business, and because of this we go through an arduous selection process consisting of very strict protocols.

This year, the Daily Stormer Editorial Staff gathered in a top secret underground bunker at an undisclosed location deep in the heart of Lagos, Nigeria, and spent many days sitting around a briefcase bomb-proof oak table, while having paleo sandwiches and strong coffee delivered by compliant, scantily clad alt-lite female YouTubers.

First and foremost, we realized that in The Current Year™️, it would be uncool and totally not trendy to name an actual person as Man of the Year, and so we made a list of things we could ironically call Man of the Year.

Below are some of the top contenders:

  1. Papa John’s Pizza
  2. ThotGate
  3. Jewish Miscalculations
  4. BrainForce
  5. Antifa Book Fairs
  6. Trannyism

The list just went on and on, and though many of the items were strong contenders, none of them seemed to quite make the cut. Then we all began rubbing our heads in frustration, and as several of us took a hearty draw on our vapes, the exhalations filled the bunker with that rich, thick nicotine cloud, we realized that the winner was obvious!

The moment of revelation

And so we decided to name Vaping Daily Stormer’s Man of the Year!

This works on every level. I went and had some medical tests done recently, to get myself cleared for working out. I have put my body through much unnecessary and foolish abuse over the years, one of the bigger examples being a 30 year cigarette smoking habit.  I remember several years back, I had my lung capacity checked at the doctor’s office, and the nurse said “Congratulations,  you have the lung capacity of a healthy 52 year old,” and I was all like “Ayo, hol’ up, I’m just 45!”

So I go and have all these tests done recently, and after a couple of years of vaping, I have very healthy blood oxygen levels and a much better lung capacity.

You might say “But Azz, why not just quit nicotine altogether?”

What a foolish question!

She feels better and smarter now.

When you’re in the business of fighting these Jews, you have to be able to think clearly, precisely, and quickly. You must have laser-focused attention, or these kikes will always slip one past you. Nicotine is great for this.

But cigarettes and other forms of tobacco are not only extremely unhealthy and life-shortening, they just don’t give you the wallop you really need to be an effective professional racist.

Tobacco as a nicotine delivery system is just so 17th century. What we need today is powerful electronic delivery!

I asked vaping expert and publisher of this, The Most Censored Publication in History, to give his thoughts on the matter.

After turning 30, in order to focus on my agenda against the Jews, I started to need more nicotine. I was smoking two and a half packs a day, and still not getting the sweet nic-fix I needed. That’s when I discovered vaping. 2017 was an epic year for vaping. With recent bitcoin profits, I went full-deluxe and purchased the Therion DNA 166 mod box and the dotmod petri RTA. 2017 was also the year I discovered Nasty Juice Green Ape. Vaping is more than just a way to get precious nicotine into your bloodstream. It is a way of life.

– Andrew Anglin

Well said, and great choices. I personally use a Sigelei Fuchai Duo 3 mod and an Aspire Cleito 120 tank, and my current favorite e-juice is Vigilante Skull and Crossbones, a sublime and complex flavor combo of butter rum cake, butterscotch drizzle, and marshmallow cream. At 80 watts, with 6 mg nicotine juice, I now have powerful enough cogitation to gas six gorillion kikes every day before lunchtime!

So this combination of healthiness, wholesomeness, hipness, and if I may be so bold, downright zestiness, is just what every American Nationalist needs to be the best White man he can be.

So congratulations to Vaping for winning this MAJOR AWARD! May your clouds float forever.