Vegan Magic: Woman Loses 20lbs in Months While Overeating, Without Working Out! Her Acne is Gone!

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
January 16, 2019

GUISE! You know how we were told the vegan diet is the best diet for athletes, a fact discovered by vegan doctors? Well, that’s not the whole picture. Turns out the vegan diet is actually magic because it lets you double your calorie intake and lose weight at the same time.

Daily Mail:

A woman has ditched almost a decade of torturous fad diets and says that she finally feels free since going raw vegan just eight-months-ago after ditching the gym and more than doubling her daily calorie intake.

Raw vegan. That’s key. If you have even a tiny bit of steamed broccoli, you’ll get fat. Cooking your food is a patriarchal invention meant to keep women away from the workforce by making them so fat they can’t get out of their kitchens without calling the firefighters.

Like most teenagers, Paige Shay, 23, from Refugio, Texas, always wanted to have the perfect body but found herself stuck in a vicious circle of fad diets and over exercising where she would survive off 1,300-calories a day and went to the gym for an hour-and-a-half a day, six times a week.

Despite being 135lbs, the actress and writer, who grew up on a cattle ranch and has a rancher boyfriend, Dowling, felt trapped and restricted by her diet and monitored every morsel that passed by her lips – a regimen that left her feeling miserable and stressed. So, Paige decided to go raw vegan in May last year with the full support of her family and partner.

Translation: useless whore.

Since making the change, Paige hasn’t looked back and says she no longer worries about what she eats. Instead, she allows herself to consume anywhere between 2,500 and 3,000 calories every day from 10lb of raw fruits and vegetables.

Ten pounds of food… every day. All that chewing may explain her jaw.

In a typical day, Paige eats every two-hours and has half a watermelon for breakfast followed by a big green smoothie, then mangoes and a banana for lunch.

That’s a whole new level of food-dependency. She eats every two hours and still needs to make a smoothie to get more food in.

If vegan food is so nutritious why do they have to eat so much of it?

In the afternoon she’ll have a large salad that could feed four people to herself or zucchini noodles made from four zucchinis and another fruit meal and three bananas and five dates in the evening before bed.

Paige now weighs 115lbs and has lost two inches from her waist to 20 inches, as well as this she’s noticed clearer skin, more energy and she no longer has to work out other than an hour walk each day.



No, makeup has nothing to do with that transformation. It’s all vegan magic.

‘A raw vegan diet is so simple. Even though is seems like a super hard lifestyle, it’s actually very easy. I mean you can’t get any more simple than just eating fruits and salad, and that simplicity is freedom for me.

Yes, you can: not eating anything. Just fast. The long-term results will be the same. She’s already starving herself anyways.

I also love knowing that I’m eating the high vibration foods. All foods have energy and a vibration. Raw fruits and veggies are the highest vibration foods out there. So, all of that vibrant energy is being absorbed in every cell of my body.

‘I have personally noticed: clearer skin, more energy, better sleep, happier, more mental clarity, effortless weight loss without working out, being able to eat more without gaining weight, taste buds change and improve, better digestion, a deeper connection with animals and mother nature, feeling totally satisfied after every meal, and never craving junk food.’

Although nuts and seeds are considered raw vegan, Paige limits fat in her diet, mainly sticking to high carbs like fruits and vegetables. Occasionally Paige will indulge in a meal that consists of cooked vegetables, so she isn’t completely raw all of the time.

‘I was eating way too little in the beginning, which made the diet harder to stick to, but now that I’m eating in abundance, the diet is a breeze. I also had to get used to packing food with me every time I left the house.

The vegan diet is a disability.

If you have to go hunting or scouting, would you take with you a huge volume of food and multiple bags and backpacks or would you travel light with nutrient and calorie-dense foods?

High volume eating is worse than impractical, it makes you dependent on food. You’re always eyeing the clock anxious for your next dose.

These vegans think their diet magically allows them to “eat more calories and lose weight” and many rationalize that as their bodies getting rid of “toxins” and other such vague terms. The reality is that they don’t really eat more calories because they’re not absorbing most of their food, so they have to up the volume to keep up with their calorie requirements and end up thinking they’re actually eating more calories.

I mean… sure, they’re eating more calories in theory, but what matters is what your body can use, and how much of what you eat is actually useful to your body. Eating grass all the time thinking you’re a cow won’t get you anywhere. Eating leaves all day like a gorilla because “gorillas are vegan and strong” is equally retarded.

Vegans love giving what they think are snarky responses to questions such as “where do you get your protein” that are usually based on saying something like “this herbivore animal has plenty of muscle therefore protein something something vegetables something something my muscle mass.”

Ask the question on Reddit and they will all non-ironically spam this cartoon. Their brains are too nutrient deprived for self-awareness to be feasible.

Start thinking about nutrient-absorption, otherwise you’re simply nourishing the toilet.

Remember: most of the time, “detox” means nutrient-malabsorption.

Vegan doctor Michael Greger, gorilla-tier muscle mass.

In fact, research on “detox” diets have shown that it is a scam, there is nothing “building up” in your colon, and the word “detox” itself only actually applies to dealing with drug addiction.

Paige shares her raw vegan journey on Instagram and YouTube and shared her words of advice to others who might want to pursue the same lifestyle change.

‘I would say start small. Just try adding more fruit and cooked or raw veggies into your diet. Eat them at every meal and at every snack time. Then try cutting down on all the processed foods and added processed sugar and add more veggies and fruit to take its place.

‘Then start cutting out dairy, all the while adding more fruit and veggies. Then start cutting out the meat and add more fruit. Just take it one day at a time, and slowly work your way to a whole food plant-based diet. Add lots of beans at first, they are a great hearty substitute for meat.

Then you can slow transition to eating only raw fruits and veggies. Make sure you are eating enough, that’s a big one. A lot of people aren’t used to eating this big of a quantity, but you have to get adequate calories.

‘If you are hungry eat. This is not about limiting calories – this is about eating in unlimited abundance and enjoying it.’

Yeah, calories are so abundant in your raw vegan diet that you have to take food everywhere you go, eat every two hours, and double your food intake just to be able to function.