Vegans Were Already Getting BTFO 100 Years Ago

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
January 18, 2019

Vegans were annoying people in the past too. It wasn’t known as “veganism” before, but the idea is pretty much the same.

Daily Mail:

A school has uncovered a record of debate about vegetarianism that students had over 100 years ago, where meat eaters won after they argued that ‘vegetarian food was just camouflaged meat’.

Sedbergh School posted pages of their bimonthly magazine, the Sedberghian Magazine, which included a record of a debate surrounding vegetarianism which was dated April 1, 1919.

The debate at the private school consisted of two students on either side with the motion being ‘That a non-meat diet is in all respects superior to a meat diet.’

The two students, Mr Willan and Mr Wood, who proposed the motion at the Cumbrian school, based their argument on how meat is dangerous for the body and that ‘out of 58 million pork eating Huns only 78 lived to be 100.’

Opposing the motion was Mr Cruickshank and Mr Lucas who said that ‘the meat queues through the war show the importance of meat’ and that without meat ‘pigs would be useless: they are not drawing-room pets and don’t lay eggs.’

Mr Lucas went on to say that ‘vegetarian food is generally just camouflaged meat.’

The debate was won by the meat eaters, who triumphed by 16 votes.

Some things haven’t changed, huh?

Some other things have changed though. Check out some of these old pictures from the Sedbergh school around the time of the debate.

That doesn’t look very current year does it?

Pictures from the past remind us of the path we’ve strayed away from.

Schools were respectable institutions where reality was studied through science and facts instead of social engineering agendas. We had order, aesthetics, sport, and knowledge. Thinkers and athletes. Students and men.

We were on the right track.

Now we’re very far away from that.

The symptoms of our kiked society are visible everywhere. Our institutions are corrupted, our politicians are depraved blood-sucking satanists, our economy is based on Jews channeling the white man’s drive and harvesting his energy for wicked purposes, our people externalize the rottenness of their hearts, and we have no visual refuge from the ugliness and decay we witness on a daily basis.

We sacrificed beauty for diversity, knowledge for propaganda, discipline for comfort, and our future for a momentary dose of hedonism.

We could have had it better.

There was a time where the future looked bright. Know this, and know that we can still get there. We can get anywhere we want because we still have time. We have not lost, but if we want to win, we have to start fighting and then fight harder and smarter.

I do want to win. But I can’t do it alone. None of us can win alone against what we’re up against, and our enemy knows this. They do everything in their power to keep us as individuals. Separated, isolated, solitary.

We have to fight as one.

They’ve worked very hard to prevent Mr. Anglin from receiving money because they fear what he can do. They fear what he can turn us into.

They fear what we can accomplish if we band together.

Let’s make their fears come true.