Venezuela is a Trap For Trump and Brazil Is In On the Con

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
January 31, 2019

Everyone is confused about the Venezuela situation, and since I’m pretty sure it’s going to be Syria or Libya 2.0, we all need to get up to speed here.

Here’s the situation.

Venezuela is surrounded on three sides by hostile countries: Brazil, Guyana and Columbia. 

And just like there was a plan drawn up by the Neocons under Bush to invade and reshape the Middle East, there was also a similar plan drawn up for South America. That means that there was also a hitlist. A “Troika of Evil” consisting of Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba – the Caribbean Basin countries.

There was also a plan for Ecuador, Bolivia as well, but we’ll cover that another time.

I want to focus on who I believe the key player in all this is though.

Let’s talk about Brazil

The newly-elected President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro is a Christian Zionist and a total Jewish shill. He got baptized in the river Jordan and his whole family takes the whole Jewish Supremacy, Christian End Times prophecy thing seriously.

His two sons are big fans of Israel as well.

I know that the Magapedes liked Bolsonaro because he triggered the libtards, but believe you me, this man is not /ourguy/. He is, however, a game-changer for Brazil and for South America as a whole because of his newly-minted Israel ties.

Bibi Comes to Visit

Israel backed Bolsonaro and, in turn, Bolsonaro presided over a historic visit by Bibi to Brazil.

This had never been done before. It was a big deal.

Remember, Brazil used to be more in the pro-Palestine camp before all of this.

All of a sudden though, they’re talking about removing the Palestinian embassy and no longer recognizing the state of Palestine. Furthermore, they’re definitely moving the Brazilian embassy to Jerusalem.

This is another important step in recognizing Jerusalem as the official capital of Israel. If you come at this from a religious angle, then Jerusalem becoming the capital of a re-established Jewish state is an important milestone in the whole Zionist religious prophecy and in the Christian End Times thing. Because it brings us one step closer to the anti-Christ/Jewish messiah returning. Next comes the restoration of the Jewish temple, probably. Although that would mean the demolishment of the Dome of the Rock and a huge Moslem chimp out. Zionist prophecy aside, it’s also important politically for Bibi and a goal of the “based” and “nationalist” Jew camp in Israel and to get countries to back them up in their genocide of Palestinians.

Bibi and Bolsonaro had a lot of things to discuss when he visited. 

One of them was the situation in Venezuela. 

See, under Maduro, Venezuela started diversifying its friend network. They reached out to Iran and Hezbollah and Turkey. All very good friends of Israel, as I’m sure you’re aware.

Now, all of a sudden, you see what Bolsonaro and Bibi might have talked about when he visited in the very beginning of January. Something had to be done to cut off this new-found source of support for Hezbollah and Iran. And Bibi had just the guy to do something about it.

What happened next is speculation, but I think you’ll agree that not only is this scenario plausible, it’s almost certainly exactly what did happen. With one quick phone call, Bibi gets Kushner on the line (either Jared or Charles, it doesn’t matter) and that’s not hard at all because everyone knows that Kushner is Bibi’s man in the White House. From there, it’s just a hop and a skip to the President of the United States.

And then, within less than a month, we have a new “Special Envoy” to Venezuela, the anti-Trumper and notorious Neocon Jew Warhawk, Elliot Abrams.

He’s working hand in hand with Bolton and Pompeo, who have been planning something in Venezuela since December.

What’s Next

So now you’ve got a situation where there are Cuban intelligence officers in Venezuela training special units in the army. You’ve got Russian contractors (Wagner) in there to guard their investment in Venezuela and not all of the newly re-organized Venezuelan army will side with the opposition.

Although some might. Moderate rebels. You know the deal by now, I bet.


Two Venezuelan soldiers loyal to self-proclaimed interim president Juan Guaidó have pleaded with the Trump administration for arms, in a bid to “realize Venezuelan freedom.” What could go wrong?

The former soldiers, living outside Venezuela, told CNN that hundreds of willing defectors inside the country had been in contact with them, asking the US for weapons and support for a planned revolt.

“As Venezuelan soldiers, we are making a request to the US to support us, in logistical terms, with communication, with weapons, so we can realize Venezuelan freedom,” Guillen Martinez told CNN. Martinez’ fellow soldier Hidalgo Azuaje added that the pair are also requesting support from Venezuela’s right-wing neighbors: “Brazil, Colombia, Peru, all brother countries, that are against this dictatorship.”

The soldiers told the network that various groups of disgruntled units have been talking and organizing via WhatsApp, apparently waiting for the right time to “rise up in arms” against Maduro. 

If the US can’t launch a successful coup, or turn the army against Maduro, then Columbia and Brazil might have to step up to the plate with America providing support from afar.

So it’s basically another Syria in the making. And it will trigger waves upon waves of refugees heading north. Furthermore, it’s a trap for Trump.

He thinks it’s cool that he’s getting bipartisan support for this idea, just like all of Kushner’s brilliant proposals do… but soon the Left will change its tune and condemn him for his military intervention and when those waves of people hit our southern border, they’ll pull the same guilt trap on Americans that they pulled on the Europeans.

“You caused these refugees, so now you have to take them!”

Republicans will also bleat that the people fleeing the Communist regime of Maduro must be freedom-loving Capitalists and natural conservatives.

So really, Venezuela is shaping up to be America’s version of the Syrian refugee crisis. 

Which means we really need Trump to break ground on that Wall ASAP.

This is make it or break it time.

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