Venezuela: Jewy-Looking Mayor of Caracas Arrested for Part in Alleged US Coup

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer

February 20, 2015

Antonio Ledezma
Antonio Ledezma, Jewish looking Mayor and alleged US-backed revolutionary

Happenings down south.


Venezuelan police have arrested Caracas mayor and opposition leader Antonio Ledezma, who the Venezuelan government has accused of helping plan what it says was a U.S.-backed coup against the socialist government.

Heavily armed security forces, outfitted in masks and camouflaged uniforms, on Thursday seized Ledezma after breaking down the doors of his office in the banking district and firing warning shots into the air.

President Nicolas Maduro accuses the 59-year-old mayor of being behind a coup, which he says also involved military aviation officers.

“On the orders of state prosecutors, [Mayor Ledezma] was captured and will be processed by the Venezuelan justice system for crimes committed against the peace of the country,” Maduro said.

The president said the plan was financed and directed by Washington. A State Department spokesman on Thursday called the accusations “baseless and false.”

It seems rather likely that the US was attempting a coup. They do this a lot. Lately, they haven’t been working out very well though.

Could just be a political power struggle blamed on the bogeyman.

Anyway, who really even cares?  Venezuela is not really a country which matters for any reason, and the US throwing a coup there would probably not have any effect on the lives of White people.  So why does the Daily Stormer even report this crap?

For what it’s worth, Ledezma definitely looks like a Jew, and as an opposition to Chavez was strongly opposed to the late leaders anti-Israel and pro-Iran stance. It is important to remember that in Latin America, as in Eastern Europe, people still hold open hostility toward the Jews so they do often stay crypto.

He has also been accused by high government officials of being a Mossad agent.

From a 2009 in the Latin American Herald Tribune:

More seriously, former Vice-President Jose Vicente Rangel in his regular column under his “Marciano” byline wrote an article last week accusing opposition leaders Yon Goicochea, Antonio Ledezma and Henrique Capriles of being a “Satanic Trio” having the backing of Mossad and setting up an intelligence network to destabilize the Government with Mossad’s help.

The Jews do so much damage to the world that sometimes they get blamed for things they didn’t actually do. But usually, you can just blame anything on Jews and be right.