Venezuelan Hoax President Says He Might Order the US to Invade

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 9, 2019

What the fuck is this?

What does it mean?


However ‘controversial’ such a move might be, the self-proclaimed US-backed ‘interim’ president of Venezuela has claimed he would not rule out the possibility of ‘authorizing’ a foreign military intervention to topple Maduro.

Guaido told AFP he would do “everything that is necessary” in order to “save human lives” – not ruling out the admittedly “controversial subject” of calling on foreign powers, and the United States in particular, to intervene militarily in Venezuela to remove Nicolas Maduro from power.

Opposition leader and parliament speaker Guaido proclaimed himself the only legitimate leader of Venezuela last month, and was immediately backed by Washington and its allies across Latin America and Europe.

Over the last two weeks, the US administration has made it clear that the military option is not off the table if Maduro refuses to voluntarily surrender his power and launch a ‘democratic’ political transition in Venezuela. Simultaneously, President Donald Trump’s administration has been urging Venezuelan officers to defect and support the opposition’s claim to power.

So far the Venezuelan armed forces have mostly kept loyal to Maduro, who has repeatedly claimed his compatriots are ready to repel any foreign-led aggression. The elected president has also repeatedly called on the opposition to come to the negotiation table instead of stirring up street protests and violence.

We’re looking at an invasion, guys.

They are pumping the gas on this thing. They are creating the public perception that it is inevitable.

I don’t know what to even say about it.

And I certainly don’t know what to do about it.

I’ll tell you what, there has never been a time when I have more wanted to be allowed into the public discussion. No point at which I have been more angry that I’ve been so silenced by the Jews.

Because no one but people like me are going to stand up against this. The entire media will go along with it, including Fox News. Ann Coulter won’t, and maybe Breitbart won’t. But there is very little pushback now and there isn’t any place where pushback is going to come from.

I sure do wish Trump wasn’t behaving as such a coward. He could fire all of these people pushing this agenda. There is no reason this needs to be happening.