Venice: Based Tourists Find Humor in Drowning Negroid Parasite

Daily Stormer
January 27, 2017

LOL, it’s so sad…

Why haven’t these bigoted Venetians already filled those dangerous canals with concrete or something? Don’t they know that African dindus are in dire need of Italian gibs, and that to subject them to the danger of drowning makes them Literally Hitler?

And really, are you trying to tell me that it’s The Current Year and people are still unaware that Negroes are somewhat less than buoyant? After all, their skulls are solid and they have this extra bone in their foot so when they find themselves in deep water, they go down like a flushed turd.

Only a bunch of vile racists would refuse to acknowledge this and alter their infrastructure accordingly.


An investigation has been opened after an African refugee was left to drown in Venice’s Grand Canal as tourists on nearby boats filmed him on their phones, with some apparently laughing and making racist jokes.

Video footage released on several Italian news sites shows the 22-year-old Gambian, later identified as Pateh Sabally, flailing in the icy waters of the city’s canal.

In the video, one man can be heard yelling “Africa” at the refugee and “Go on, go back where you came from.”

Onlookers are heard starting to laugh.

“He is stupid. He wants to die,” another person allegedly says.

No one jumped into the water to help him. He was eventually caught in the current and drowned before police divers made it to the scene.

Everybody is getting tired of these worthless creatures. There were two people on that boat. Some were local Italians sick of watching these surly curs wreck their quality of life all day every day, the rest were tourists who thought they’d come to Venice, not Boogawannaland, and they were happy to see they would be bothered by one less of these cretins.

Some of your typical bleeding hearts complained that not enough had been done to try to save the poor dumb creature, but I can’t see how they could think so. People threw three life belts in his general vicinity, and I don’t blame them for not going into the water. The panicky beast would have merely caused the death of itself and it’s would-be rescuer.

The lesson here is, it’s just not humane to bring these skittish creatures into our White countries, as we have all this dangerous water laying around all over the place, and nobody really cares if they drown anymore.

Italian media said Mr Sabally had sailed from Africa two years ago and was given permit to reside in Italy.

According to Frontex, the European Union border agency, about 181,000 migrants arrived in Italy by boat last year — a 20 per cent increase from last year.

A poll published this week revealed that 68 per cent of Italians would back government efforts to speeding up expulsions of economic migrants…

You’re safer at home in the jungle, Tyrone.


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