VICE Put Out Legit Documentary About Kikesucker Christian Zionist Doomsday Cult Lunatics

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 1, 2018

VICE has put out a legit segment on their HBO documentary show about Christian Zionists in America supporting wars for the kikes due to their bizzaro doomsday cult doctrines.

It’s an apparently an old episode, even though it is just now on their YouTube channel (they reference John Kerry negotiating to end settlements in the West Bank). But it is very relevant right now.

The video shows Jews in Israel bringing in these boomer cultists and fleecing them for cash by playing to their insane cult beliefs.

But sort of, they are saying “oh it’s not really the kikes – it’s these lunatic Christians in Texas.”

Which isn’t really the best narrative… but it isn’t totally untrue either. There is no way the Jewish lobby would have the power they have without the Evangelical kikesuckers.

But where did this batshit “end times” thing come from?

When did old-fashioned religion become a creepy-ass doomsday cult trying to bring about the apocalypse?


Well, I think you can blame Jews for that… mostly. They definitely promoted it. Basically, the entire cult was created by televangelists and then local churches copied it because it brought the money in.

A good analogy for that would be the way that internet pornography caused women to start acting like they think they’re porn stars every time they have sex.

Mass media ups the ante on everything, you see.

It’s a deviancy amplification spiral.

But at the same time, boomers are such self-centered, materialistic people that they are drawn to this magical idea that they are going to get sucked up into space by Space Jesus and not have to die if they can just start a World War for Israel.

The good news is, boomers are already dying.

And going senile.

And their whole plot to destroy the world is losing steam as younger generations are like “ayo, hol up.”

The saving grace here is that boomers were so self-absorbed and without any set of values that they were not able to transmit any belief to their children.

Yes, that has resulted in many or most gen-x/millennials becoming irreligious or atheist, but it’s also got some trying to find out what was going on with Christianity before the boomers destroyed it.

Whatever the case, Christian Zionist doomdayism isn’t something people under 60 are into.

But wow… you look at these people who are literally ATTEMPTING TO BRING ABOUT THE APOCALYPSE so that their children and grandchildren have no future, and it really does sum up the entirety of the boomer generation.

Even the ones who don’t believe in Christian Zionism have engaged in a behavior pattern with the end goal being to make it so that we have no future.

It does make you angry.

What right did these people have to destroy what our ancestors entrusted them to give to us? 

Our history, our religion, our identity, the wealth of our nations… all of it just pissed away because it felt good to do it.

Actively and consciously trying to bring about the end of the world is boomerism taken to its logical conclusion.