Vicious Homo Lindsay Graham to Introduce New Sanctions Against Russia

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
August 2, 2018

Why not bring infinity sanctions against Russia? What’s the worst that could happen – WW3? Pffff…

You know, I almost feel sorry for Lindsey Graham.

After all, once his boyfriend John McCain finally bites the dust, he’ll still be around, the only human being on earth to mourn him. Also, he’ll have to look at countless public statues honoring McCain’s tumor as a hero.

I’ve already commissioned one for my neighborhood. I told the council it was “abstract modern art.”

But of course, all my sympathy immediately dries off when I hear him talk, and I’m reminded why I hate him so much.

On top of being some kind of weird faggot, he’s also an insane neocon shill.

Sputnik News:

US Senator Lindsey Graham said in an interview on Tuesday that this week he will introduce an extensive new sanctions bill against Russia in response to Moscow’s alleged interference in the 2016 presidential election.

“I will be introducing Thursday a sanctions bill against Russia that has everything but the kitchen sink in it. It will be the sanctions bill from hell and any other country who is trying to interfere with our elections should suffer the same fate. You can only do so much on defense. It is now time to go on offense,” Graham said.

Time to go on the offense!

Against Russia!


Does it bother Graham at all that his children will die in a nuclear hellfire because of his shilling for Jews?

Oh, wait.

Faggots have no children.

Graham is such a dedicated fag that he never bothered getting a beard as a cover up for his political career.

So he has absolutely no stake in the future of our country.

Last week Graham and Senator Bob Menendez said they planned to introduce a bill “in the coming days” that would increase sanctions on Russia’s energy and financial sectors while imposing new sanctions on the country’s sovereign debt and cyber actors.

On January 29, the United States started to impose sanctions under the Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act (CAATSA) on foreign entities and individuals who conduct major transactions with the Russian defense or intelligence sector.

The senators said their new bill would also establish a State Department sanctions coordinator and a National Center to Respond to Russian Threats.

Graham seems to be spending all his energy on increasing tensions with Russia, obviously undermining President Trump’s policy of partnership with the world’s second nuclear power.

Little Lindsey, just like John McCain, has devoted his entire career, nay, his life, to doing the bidding of the Jews with absolute devotion. This is no exception.

Damn, I’m suddenly filled with regret that brain cancer isn’t transmitted as an STD through homosex. 😞😢😞